So you’re all checked-in, past security and waiting for your flight to be called to its boarding gate, now what? You could do some duty-free shopping or make the most of the airport lounges. If you’re unfamiliar with airport lounges do not panic, we’ve got everything you need to know so you can enjoy them while you’re waiting for your next flight.

Airport Lounge Access

There is a lot of ideology behind airport lounges, especially as many believe it is only available for VIP’s. Wrong. Anyone is allowed in as long as they are given access and a ticket to get into the lounges. There are two different types of lounges:  pay-per-use-lounges which is a first class lounge that is available for ALL travellers no matter what airline or type of ticket you have. There are also specific airline lounges which you have to have a business class ticket with that specific airline to get entry. To get entry to the pay-per-use lounges you can:

  • Buy a first or business-class ticket – this will give you access to that airline’s lounge. This is one of our tips for business travellers as we all need peace and quiet before a flight.
  • Become an elite flyer with an airline – make the most of the airline loyalty program and some offer airline access once you reach a certain status
  • Pay for a day use, it is normally about £50 a visit and definitely worth the money if your flight is delayed. The airline lounge will be much cheaper than the airline specific one.
  • Get a debit/credit card that offers lounge airport access. Click here for more information.

Why get access to an airport lounge?

Now it can seem costly so you might be thinking why should I get access when I can sit by the shops for free? It is a space for peace and quiet so is especially useful for business travellers who are looking to just relax without sitting in a chaotic area. It is also a great opportunity to start working on that important project your boss needs on his desk. Instead of sitting in the chaos duty-free shoppers, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the facilities available.

What facilities are there in an airport lounge?

It’s natural that you want to get more bang for your buck, and there is so much at the airport lounges that you’ll definitely be thinking it’s worth the money. You’ll definitely feel like you’re walking into a VIP airport lounge. The majority include a variety of food and drinks, complimentary Wi-Fi, clothes-pressing services and some even include shower facilities and a spa. It’s worth checking the website of the lounge you’re thinking of checking in to so you can see what features you can look forward to and are available.

Best airport lounge

If you’re stuck on where you want to fly to next and with whom you should definitely think about flying with Qantas First Class from Sydney. The Qantas First Lounge in Sydney is unbelievable and it’s no wonder why it’s been voted best airport lounge in the world. This VIP airport lounge has Aurora spa treatments, over 8000 plants, a superb open kitchen menu, oasis of privacy and much more. Good luck to the business travellers who are hoping to get work done here, we know you’ll be too tempted to enjoy the facilities here than work. Find it here!

To visit an airport lounge, or not to visit? The debate is not necessary when all you have to do is look at the images of where you’ll be departing from and you’ll know that the £50 will definitely be worth the money. Airport lounge access will be an essential on every trip after you’ve been in one.