There’s really no wonder why Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular for travellers to visit, and there are some fantastic things to do in the country. Now, this post isn’t about best things to visit in Sri Lanka, this is all about the essential things you need to know so you can go ahead and book those Sri Lanka flights knowing exactly what to expect.


One of the first things you should be thinking of finding out is whether you need any vaccinations for Sri Lanka. The answer is yes, however you may have already had them. Click here to find out which vaccinations are considered. The essential ones to ensure you are topped up on are Hepatitis A, Tetanus and Typhoid.

When should I visit?

Trying to find the best time to visit Sri Lanka is vital for everyone and it really is an all year round destination. The best weather for the East coast is April – September and for the West and South Coasts is December to March. Click here for more information. The best time to visit Sri Lanka is really whenever you wish!


In Sri Lanka, be prepared for the public transportation to be slow. Whether you get a bus, train or the famous tuk-tuks, you will probably travel about 12-15 miles per hour which are not fast compared to back in the UK. If you want to go a little faster or don’t have time to waste we recommend hiring a car with a driver or taking a seaplane (which is also a lot of fun).


One tip for travelling to Sri Lanka is to understand the culture and immerse yourself in it. The pace of Sri Lanka is very relaxed and calm compared to India which is just 18 miles away. One important thing to remember is that the locals won’t make a fuss of you, however, it is appreciated to cover up and it is absolutely necessary you cover up when in places of worship. Although wearing shorts and a vest is very unlikely to attract much unwanted attention!

Go for the food

Sri Lanka is definitely a foodie’s dream, especially with so many delicious dishes to taste.  We recommend trying bowl-shaped hoppers and are most popular to try in the morning and late afternoon. It is surprisingly noticeable that there are very minimal street food stands, however, the best cuisine can be found in kitchens of small guesthouses so be sure to ask around where the best place to eat is.


As always, be vigilant when using ATM’s and keep an eye out for fake ATM’s. In Sri Lanka, some of the machines will not automatically return your card and there is another button to press to release it. Also, we advise letting your bank know if you’ll be using your card in Sri Lanka (or anywhere) to avoid it being blocked by the bank.


One of the main tips for Sri Lanka is to stick with bottled water. Even though people advise that the water is safe to drink, when in an unfamiliar country its probably best to stick to bottled water unopened so then you know that it will be safe to drink. This tip can be applied for anywhere you visit.

There are much more tips for travelling to Sri Lanka, click here for even more essential information. The country really is a beautiful destination, and any holiday here will be an unforgettable one, so when does your flight depart to Sri Lanka?