We all love a good meal, but us Brits seem to like foreign food more than the food that has originated here in the UK. From Pizza to Chinese we love it all, but travelling on with a special diet can difficult but when you’re at home you can do what you want. But here are our top 5 dishes that the UK cannot live without!


We all love a good Chinese as our Saturday night takeaway! From spring rolls to sweet & sour then the odd crispy aromatic duck, we love them all. But chow mein is the one of top, it is the most popular dish sold and is the one most people get. There is no better feeling than ordering the Chinese, get your comfy clothes on, pick what you’re going to watch and settle down with your friends or family and catch up on the week you have had.

italian food Italian

If you’re not in the mood Chinese then Pizza is the next best thing, from Dominos to Pizza Hut or even a cheeky Papa John’s is an easy meal that keeps the whole family happy. Best way to eat it is either across the table from a loved one or around the sofas with the family or friends if you are having a sleepover of course. But it’s not just pizza – some of the best Italian dishes to be eaten with the family are, Spaghetti Bolognese or Lasagne, both easy to be made in big or small batches to fit every sized family.

indian foodIndian

When it comes to Indian we personally think it is best eaten at the restaurant to get the full experience of the starters, main and the dessert if you are still hungry (but no one ever is). Turns out, Brits have decided that they like a bit of a kick in their Indian as Jalfrezi has taken the top spot as the most popular Indian food in the UK, with Chicken Tikka Masala close behind.

american foodAmerican

Fast food. That is the first thing that pops into our heads when we think of American food. Burgers, Hot Dogs and Fried Chicken who doesn’t love those! (Sorry to all the vegetarians). The Chilidog is there a better place to start?! Chilli and a Hot Dog together it may be messy but it tastes so good, then onto the burger… classic, cheese, bacon or whatever other burgers are out there. There are too many. Finally, the fried chicken, good with chips, dip or even in a bun. American food is good at many point, a mid-week cheat, with or without the family, at home or dine in there is just no limit on the great taste of American food.

mexican foodMexican

TACOS! There is no better food to start with whether you have it with beef, chicken or quorn there is no better dish in Mexico than the classic taco with the meat of your choice, cheese, lettuce and salsa. But if you are not in a Taco mood then Burritos or fajitas are the next best thing.

So there we have it, these are the top 5 dishes that the UK cannot live without. But there is no doubt that the food tastes better when in the place of origin so why not book flights out to the country with your favourite dish and try all the other foods it has to offer! Or check out our Facebook page for other destinations you could go to.