Night flights are a pain, whether you’re off on holiday or coming home. Sometimes, there is nothing more you want than to just sit back and sleep, but it’s not always that easy. Sleeping on a plane can be a difficult challenge, especially when you’re not so comfy and not relaxing on a comfy mattress. We’ve got some tips on the best way to sleep on a plane so you don’t need to have second-thoughts when you book a night flight today.

Choose your seat carefully

If you pre-book your seats then great, you’ll have first selection of where to sit. If you’re looking at getting some sleep on a flight, avoid the busy areas which tend to be the front of the airplane as this is where you can get easy dismemberment. If you choose somewhere near the back, chances are it’ll be quieter and you might just be able to get few hours of sleep. Window seats are also great, you can easily rest your head on the side and there is less opportunity for you to be disturbed.


Boarding a plane wearing tight skinny jeans and a stylish top might not be your best bet. If you don’t think you’ll be able to sleep in it at home, you definitely won’t be able to sleep on the airplane. We recommend wearing baggy clothing, and if you’re worried about what others will think of you – don’t. What’s more important, sleep or looking fashionable?


The temptation to have a coffee before you board can always be too much, but don’t give in. If you’re sat there with caffeine rushing through your body, you’ll have your coffee crash when you get off the plane and feel even worse.

Sleep Aid

We’re not doctors so we can’t tell you what sleep aid works on an airplane, HOWEVER, we can give you some recommendations: Maltonin and Dramamine are both excellent pills that will make you feel sleepy and help make you fall asleep. For more information, click here.

Recline your seat

Your seat is made to recline, HOWEVER, remember there are other people on the aircraft and be courteous. Just because you want to sleep, they don’t want to have your chair digging into their legs while they’re trying to sleep or watch the in-flight entertainment.

Bring a neck pillow and grab pillows and blankets

Sometimes when you go to your seat, there might not be a set of pillow or blankets in your chair so we recommend being one of the first to board. Once you realise you don’t have a set, ask your flight attendant immediately and they’ll be able to help right away but might be busy when you want to use it in the flight. This way you can create padding in your chair. Neck pillows also work wonders, especially if you don’t have a window seat.

Use headphones

Airplanes can be noisy, and it becomes even more noticeable when you’re trying to sleep on a flight. We recommend bringing your headphones and listening to soothing music, this will help tune out any distractions and noises around you. Of course, you can also count sheep in your head but music is much nicer than counting to 100 and realising you won’t be falling asleep anytime soon.

If you’re finding the best way to sleep on a plane, we recommend getting comfy, avoiding caffeine and block out any distractions in the best way you can. It won’t be as comfy as your hotel room or your bed, but hopefully these tips will help you fall asleep on a flight so you don’t land feeling restless.