When you’re visiting a new country there is always that worry of doing something you think is normal, but in another society is considered insulting. For example you have to tip in America however we have the choice in the UK. If you’ve got your flights to Bangkok booked, looking into tourist advice and some travel tips is the best thing to do – that way you’ll understand their society and culture so you won’t get into trouble. We’ve got some things/tips you should consider when you travel to Bangkok.

No Set Prices

Yes you read that right, when you go shopping Bangkok you’ll recognise that there are no set prices or barcodes meaning you can haggle the price as much as you want. You could get 10%-40% off the labelled off the quote price so be sure to negotiate with the vendor and you could pick up a few bargains.

Fake Goods

In any country you might come across a very nice designer handbag for an incredibly good price however it could be a fake. If you’re buying a fake electrical item it might be the case that when you get back to your hotel room it might not work. If you want to buy real “branded items”, go to an authorised dealer not an outlet as they are most likely fake.


It is unfortunate that there are a lot of tourist tips for Bangkok to avoid scams and tuk-tuks are known for this. Not all of them are scams but a few are and the police won’t be able to help you in this instance.

Stay hydrated

The humidity of the city can catch a lot of people off; one of our top travel tips to Bangkok has to be to drink plenty of water. When buying water always make sure that the bottle is sealed just like you would back in the UK or any other country. It is worth noting that the tap water has been deemed safe to drink however, when you visit Bangkok we recommend not doing so as a few people have got ill from it.

Plan ahead

Whether you’re planning on travelling to Bangkok alone or in a group, it’s always important to plan ahead. A map of Bangkok could potentially become your new best-friend so mark out where you want to go and where your hotel is and you’ll be all set for your adventure in Bangkok. It is inevitable that a taxi ride or tuck-tuck ride will be needed as the city is fairly big however, you don’t have to stray far before finding something beautiful.


As mentioned previously it can get very humid in the city and for a Bangkok tourist, it can get too much at times. Another Bangkok tip for tourists is to double check if there are any clothing requirements for landmarks you might be visiting. The Grand Palace says that shorts aren’t allowed so it’s good to double check. Better to be sure than refused entry.

Guided Tours

Again, if you’re travelling in groups or alone in Bangkok, guided tours are excellent ways of seeing the great city. A guide will take you around and will teach you the ways of haggling and negotiating which is a popular option with solo travellers. You’ll learn firsthand how to avoid some common scams in the city.

There’s much more travel advice for Bangkok that we could give you but we could go on for hours. For tips about etiquette and tipping, click here. But aside from the Bangkok tourist advice, the city is an unbelievable adventure for everyone and all ages; any holiday in the incredible city will be one to remember.