If you’re new to the world of travelling, you’re probably looking for some tips to get started so you can get going and follow the travel etiquette rules. As well as tried and tested travel tips, here are some things you should know for your first travel adventure.

Try new things

As a first time traveller, you’re sure to experience new things, whether it’s local food, a death-defying zipline or a detour away from your plan. One of the keys to getting the most out of travelling is to not be afraid to try new things. Sure, you may find you hated the taste of that insect-based snack, but for every new thing you hate there’ll be so many more that you’ll be glad you did.

Be adaptable

New travellers should always have a plan set out – it’ll make you far more organised if you know what you’re doing when, meaning you can make the most out of every day. With that being said, every traveller should know to be adaptable. Whether something doesn’t go to plan, like the weather turning bad and ruining your planned beach day, or you just fancy spending another day exploring instead of moving on, you shouldn’t be afraid of changing up your itinerary; it’s how you’ll have some of your best experiences while travelling!

Travel light

As far as international travel tips go, this one should be a no brainer. Think about it; you’re on the move for a few months, travelling from place to place. Do you really want to be carrying around three suitcases, two rucksacks and the kitchen sink when you’re riding the small local bus from the airport? Packing light is a must for travelling, and it’ll make your life so much easier when you’re out there.


Take your time

Something we’ll tell anyone going on their first trip is to take it slow. You don’t want to spend your entire trip zipping around a city in a day, seeing everything but taking in nothing. Slow your trip down, spend several days in the same place, and give yourself time to properly absorb the atmosphere and culture of the area – we guarantee you’ll thank us for it.

Take extra money

While travelling on a budget is a good idea – and can make the whole trip more cost effective – it’s always a good idea to bring more money than you plan on needing. Even the best planned budget can’t account for all the itinerary changes or problems that may crop up, and if you can’t afford to pay for that boat tour or zipline ride you’ll be sure to regret it.

Make friends

Sure, you’re a solo traveller – but that doesn’t mean you have to do it alone! No matter where you go, you’re sure to find other solo travellers in the same boat as you; alone, in a new place, slightly nervous and excited. Don’t be afraid to strike up conversation with these other travellers – you’re all interested in the same thing, exploring the world and broadening your horizons – and who knows? You might meet people who’ll be friends for life – that’s one of the best aspects of travelling.

Take out insurance

We know it sounds boring but travel insurance is one of those things that it’s best to have and not need. Most insurers will cover you for the majority of scenarios that can happen when travelling, and with around one in five travellers needing assistance insurance should be at the top of your list. Just make sure to read all the small print to ensure that you’ll be covered for everything you plan on doing. The last thing you want is to try and claim and find out you can’t because the company you’re with doesn’t cover you for water-based activities. Need more convincing? Read these 6 reasons on why you need travel insurance.