Trying to find cheap flights anywhere in the world can always be a daunting and difficult process. It’s often the case you just don’t know where to start, or even how to even complete your flight search. TravelUp have got some top tips for finding your perfect flight ticket and exactly how to search for it, and you might not have thought about these before.

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Search for one ticket at a time

Often when you are searching for a flight, you can choose to enter your whole party, whether that is 2 adults and 2 children, or 2 adults. Many airlines sell the same flight class at different prices, so there could be 2 seats for £229pp but your party is for 4. This way, you can purchase the 2 cheapest tickets and then 2 tickets at a higher price… but at least you got some kind of saving. Short story short, always search for flight ticket at a time.

Search for flights mid-week

On your lunch break, quick 5 minute break, when you get home before you take the dog for a walk. Don’t wait for the weekend to do your flight search. A lot of flight fares have an added discount mid-week, usually starting Tuesday and finishing on Thursday so by the weekend they are gone. If you are desperate to find that cheap flight, do it mid-week.

Consider booking a package

A lot of the time, packages have a discount on flight tickets and most of the time it works out that booking a cheap flight as part of a package helps you save money on your flight and hotel.

Book a discounted fare when you see it

One of the top mistakes to avoid when booking your flights is rushing in and booking your flight straight away. Airlines are required to offer a FREE 24-hour hold or cancellation as long as you are booking that flight ticket for departure in more than 7 days. You will have to pay the full amount and you can get this refunded. Make the most of this and if you can’t find a cheaper ticket within those 24 hours, then you’ve completed your flight search.

Check alternative airports

In many large cities, there are multiple airports and one of our top cheap flight tips is to check these airports before making your decision of where you wish to fly into. For example, deciding which airport to fly into New York could depend on price, and Orlando has 2 airports so double check before you decide that JFK or MCO is the choice.

Don’t avoid layovers

Layovers may seem like a pain but can actually end up saving you a couple of hundred £. Icelandair offer a great scheme where you can extend your stay in a layover city and make it part of your holiday, so you’re booking a cheap flight ticket and also getting to see a new destination along the way.

Austria in Winter

Austria in Winter

Don’t avoid Europe in the winter

If you’re a lover of warm weather, but also have a guilty pleasure of booking a cheap flight ticket, do not avoid Europe in the winter. It’s off-peak which means many airlines lower their flight tickets by hundreds of £. On top of this, the destinations will have fewer crowds making it excellent to really explore the city without barging tourists out of the way.

We have so many more insider tips for getting cheap flights that soon enough you’ll be a professional at finding the flight fare you want for your price. Whilst we can’t guarantee you’ll always find the perfect price, sometimes a destination is worth that extra money.