When thinking of flying with kids solo, you’ll either hate it or love it and sometimes it can be dreaded for a long time. Book your flight in advance and get ready to prepare, because we’ve got some tried and tested tips to help make flying with kids 10x easier. From preparation to travelling light with kids and getting around the airport – here’s a guide that will make you no longer dread travelling solo with kids.

Book the perfect time

We could start with many different tips for flying alone with kids, but we’ll start from the beginning. Book the perfect time for your kids. We recommend booking the flight to depart at night as there will be more chance of them falling asleep – just don’t let them sleep in the day. It might also be worth pre-booking an aisle seat so you can have easy access to standing up or going to the toilet for nappy changes.


For many parents, flying with kids is all about survival and causing minimal disruption to other passengers during the flight. Forget the days of spreading the weight between your pieces of luggage and pack your kids essentials in a carry-on bag. You can get a small suitcase for the little ones which they can then pack themselves and put all of the essentials that they might need including entertainment.  Click here for a perfect example.

entertaining the kids at the airport

Research the airport

Be sure to check out what there is to do at the airport. They might have a kid’s area which will definitely help keep the kids entertained while waiting for the departure. We also recommend thinking of everything that could go wrong and then planning time for this. This way you will be more confident about not missing your flight! You can always grab something to eat before your flight too – that’s a good bribe for them to be on their best behaviour.


We have plenty of tips for entertaining the kids during the flight and ways to make the flight a bit easier:

  • Tell the cabin crew you’re flying alone – they will almost always be sure to keep an eye on your kids in case you need to pop to the toilet or will be extra helpful.
  • If you need help, be sure to ask. Whether that’s passengers nearby or the cabin crew, whether this is watching your child or just getting some luggage now.
  • Once the seatbelt signs are off, be sure to get the kids toys down and don’t feel bad about putting an iPad in front of the with a movie – whatever helps them stay calm and quiet is best.
  • Remember to feed them lots of food and water to help them feeling less pressure while in the air.

The most important tip for flying alone with children is to not worry about what other people think. If your child wants to sing or clamber, let them because it’s better to have a singing child than a crying child. Most people will understand so do not fear.

30 minutes before landing, pack everything up and find any missing socks/shoes, do the toilet run and get ready for landing. This way you’re ready to get off as soon as you land!

travelling with kids

Collect Luggage

We recommend finding your stroller first and asking staff where to pick this up, and then heading to baggage claims so you can put the kids in their chair if they want to. When booking a holiday you can pay extra for an Airport Porter service and they will help you collect your bags and take you to your transfer which is extremely important.

Congratulations! You’ve now survived the flight and you can enjoy your holiday with the kids – you’ll never find flying solo with kids daunting again thanks to all the tips for flying with kids! Just don’t forget entertainment and you should be just fine.