Spending your business life on the road can be difficult and stressful sometimes, but with a few handy tips for business travel, you’ll be able to book your next business flight and not dread the day your flight day. Sometimes getting on a plane for business is not easy as it seems, as nice as it sounds to travel for a job it’s not always the way. We’ve got our top tips for frequent business travellers to help make things a lot easier so you can concentrate on the more important things.


Let’s remember the main reason why you’re out in Hawaii… business. As lovely as the beach might look and seem, I’m sure your boss would not be very happy when you haven’t completed the work you went over there to do. Being productive and keeping to your deadlines is very important as you don’t want to fall behind and be in trouble on your return.

Fight jet lag

Everyone has their own way of combating jet lag and knows what works for them best. If you’re looking for tips on fighting jet lag click here. Once you’ve figured out how to not suffer so much from jet lag, your days and meetings will be a lot easier – thank us later!

Charge everything before leaving your house

A very well-known business traveller tip is to work on the plane because you won’t get any interruptions which is all well and good until your laptop dies and you realise you have another 7 hours you can’t work. Make sure you charge all your electronic items the night before you travel so it’s all there fully charge so you can really make the most of the uninterrupted flight.

Don’t get ill

Everyone knows that planes are ridden with colds and germs from people travelling. Make sure to always carry a travel sized sanitizer to avoid catching a cold or flu, because imagine being tired and sick while in a foreign country for a business meeting. You’re probably not going to be at your best so be sure to remember this business travel tip.

A* packing strategy

Packing for a business trip is very different for packing for a holiday, of course there are certain things you don’t take on holiday but you might take for a business trip. Make sure all the clothes you pack can be mixed and matched so you can pack less but have more outfit choices; less is more especially if you’re only travelling with hand luggage.

Remember to eat

We know that in the midst of travelling and working while on the go you can forget to eat, and I’m not just talking about a chocolate bar… you must remember to eat properly while flying and waiting at the airport. Not only will it help you with your jet lag but you will definitely be left feeling more energised.

These are just a few of our top tips for frequent business travellers and there are so many more, but once you begin to make travelling less-stressful, it’ll become a second nature. So don’t worry about those business trips and get ready for another working environment somewhere different in the world.