6 Apps to Get the Kids Entertained on a Flight

The battle of keeping the kids entertained on a flight, it happens pretty much every flight and it can be a parent’s nightmare of dream. If you’re looking at booking your next flight but nervous about the thought of flying with the kids don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to keep them entertained, including […]


Top 6 Travel Apps every backpacker should have on their phones

We know as much as you do that when you’re backpacking you have very limited space so what you bring with you has to be the absolute necessities. One thing we know you’ll definitely pack is your mobile phone, so why not make the most of that? There are so many brilliant travel apps for […]


5 Travel Apps for Travelling Europe

What’s one thing in this century that most people can’t go anywhere without having? Their mobile phone. If you’re out travelling you’re most likely going to be taking a mobile phone with you to keep in contact with family and friends back home, but you can use the device for many more advantages. There are […]

Man on Phone

Essential Travel Apps for Frequent Flyers

If your life is full of flying and jetting off somewhere new, whether that be for an adventure or for a business trip, you probably have your phone glued to your hand the whole time. Make the most of your device and download some apps for frequent flyers. It’ll make your next flight a whole […]