How to make the most of a stopover in Bangkok

Heading to Australasia or Indonesia for the first time but unsure about how you will cope with the long flight? A 2 day stopover in bustling Bangkok may be the ideal solution. Stopovers divide up your flight time into manageable segments so you can stretch your legs and have some spare time to experience true […]


What to do in Montevideo

Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay, is a fun and traditional destination. Previously overlooked and perceived as a place to pass through on the way to Argentina or Peru, the city is now becoming very popular with the modern traveler. From its winding cobbled lanes lined with beautiful jacaranda plants to the shores of the River […]


How to make the most of a winter holiday in Queenstown

Looking for the ultimate adventure? The beautiful city of Queenstown in New Zealand, known as the adventure capital of the world, is the perfect escape for adrenaline junkies and for travellers to tick off bucket list experiences. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Queenstown during […]


How to plan a trip to Australia on a budget

You’ve landed in Australia, finally! Whether this is the first or last stop of your travels, it’s essential that you make sure you budget well for what you want to do. A lot of backpackers tend to stop in Australia and work for a bit to pay their way to their next destination; this is […]


10 Reasons why you should organise a trip to New Zealand

If New Zealand wasn’t already on your list of travels it certainty will be after reading this. The country is a paradise for backpackers and adventure seekers. Although it might seem small, the possibilities are endless whether that is on land or in the sea. Here are ten reasons why you should book your next […]


Top places in Asia to visit before you’re 30!

What better place to explore whilst you’re young than Asia. The travel hungry and budget conscious will love discovering these locations and they certainly won’t break the bank either. Whether you’re a party goer, beach lover or all round adventurer, we’ve got just the destination to suit you.  Check out these hotspots in Asia and […]


How to make the most out of your budget on a backpacking holiday in Southeast Asia

How do live out your wanderlust dreams without breaking the bank? Try backpacking, which is now more glamorous than ever before. Hostels are becoming cooler and quirkier, not to mention the opportunities to make friends with likeminded travellers, the knowledgeable staff, all in some of the most incredible locations. Routes and flights are becoming easier […]


The best places to visit in Latin America in your 20s

Are you in your 20s? Are you hungry for the taste of adventure? Are you looking to expand your travel horizons at a bargain price tag? These Latin America destinations are the perfect picks for young explorers searching for a cheap and memorable travel experience… Caye Caulker, Belize Located just off the coast of Belize […]