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Top Tips to Prepare for a Long Haul Flight

Long-haul flights can be seen as a drag, especially when you’re sat in economy with minimal leg-room. You might think you’re going to enjoy the flight entertainment system for as long as possible, nap, and then feel bright and breezy… only to realise that the long haul flights deal you’ve had your eye on probably […]


Classic games you can play with your kids on a flight. No mobile, tablet or computer required!

Keeping children happy on any flight can always seem like a difficult and daunting task. Before the laptop/device ban, we would just hand them a tablet or computer with their favourite programmes and games on and they’d be happy for the next few hours. But with the ban in place, we need to find some […]


Airplane Etiquette Rules Everyone Should Read Before Flying

There are two rules of flying: the first type is the rules that airlines put in place for your safety, and the second is the un-written rules of how you should behave on an airplane. Flying economy can be tough sometimes, and airplane etiquette rules can help make it a bit more bearable for yourself […]

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Economy vs Premium Economy. What are the differences?

When booking a flight (especially long-haul) you might consider upgrading your seat to something a little comfier. Some airlines offer premium economy, but what is the difference between economy and premium economy? Price point is always one, check out our flight deals and you might be able to bag yourself a premium economy seat for […]


5 Things to Do If Your Flight is Delayed or Cancelled

Flight delay and flight cancellations are every travellers dreaded thoughts. It happens even in the best airports in the world, and knowing what to do about it is another very difficult decision, especially when majority of the time it is not 100% clear what your rights are. To help, here is some advice on what […]

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Essentials to wear on an overnight flight

Trying to decide what to wear on an overnight flight can be difficult. Of course, trying to be comfortable as possible so you can shut your eyes and doze off is very important to many people but at the same time you want the best airplane travel outfit for maximum comfort. As the cabin lights […]