A Guide to National Parks, Canada

Fancy discovering Canada’s spectacular nature? What better way than by exploring the incredible National Parks in the country. Altogether there are 39 parks across Canada; in our guide, we’ve handpicked some of the best parks that you just cannot miss! Our guide will tell you how to get there with Air Canada, what you can […]


Top 4 things to do in Toronto

Toronto is filled with hidden gems and certainly isn’t short of things to do. Not only is it close to natural wonders such as Niagara Falls, it also has plenty to see in the city itself. We’ve teamed up with Air Canada to bring you the very best things to get up to while you’re […]

Toronto, a city to really enjoy. Our top picks!

Toronto is a large city in Canada and is a true reflection of Canada. It is one of the multicultural diverse cities in the world which means there are so many interesting things to do and explore that you’ll definitely want to go back. When exploring a new city, it is often that there is […]