Located in South East Asia, Singapore is an exciting and vibrant destination, bursting with a mixture of historical buildings, modern skyscrapers and green space. Also, recognised as a global financial hub, the city-state of Singapore is densely populated and is known as one of the main stopover locations for long-haul flights.

Travelling via Singapore and searching for things to do? We’ve provided our recommendations on the must-do activities and must-go places during your short stopover in Singapore.

singapore botanic gardens

Sightseeing in Singapore

Looking for a minimal hassle solution to sightseeing after your long flight? Changi Airport offer City Sight and Heritage Tours for visitors with 5.5 to 6 hours to spare before their connecting flight. These tours run regularly, with 4 Heritage Tours and 2 City Tours taking place per day.


Tour Requirements & Registration

For more information on what is required to be eligible to register for the airport sightseeing tours, please click here.

Exploring the City’s Districts

Do you have a couple of hours at your disposal? Immerse yourself in Singapore’s history and culture by exploring a handful of the city’s diverse range of districts.

chinatown singapore


The historic area of Chinatown is bustling with old and new, from traditional markets and teahouses to truly unique and modern cafes and shops. If you are interested in lifestyle shopping and hipster bars, this place is a must-go!

 marina bay skypark singapore

Marina Bay

Characterised by its architectural masterpieces, Marina Bay is a super stylish area and home to the Singapore’s financial district. If you are looking to experience breathtaking views of the city, we would suggest that you visit the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark, a rooftop infinity pool situated in the clouds.

 orchard rd singapore

Orchard Road

As the most famous shopping street in Asia, the 2.2km long Orchard Road is at the forefront of fashion and is the home of specialist outlets, art galleries, engaging dining experiences and relaxation spaces.

 victoria theatre singapore


Do you have a particular interest in the history and art culture? Singapore’s Riverside area plays host to a range of historical attractions including the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall.


Little India

Originally the home of a racecourse, brick kilns and cattle herders, Little India is the centre of Singapore’s Indian Community. Comprised of a mixture of traditional market stands, Hindu and Chinese temples, the Little India area also hosts boutique hotels and modern eateries.

 beacn sentosa island

Sentosa Island

Whether you are in search of buzzing areas or looking for an afternoon of beachside relaxation, Sentosa Island will suit you. As Singapore’s most popular leisure destination, the island is equipped with a theme park, water park and aquarium as well as the tranquil area of Sentosa Cove, an area full of luxury restaurants.

The list really goes on and despite having minimal time in Singapore, that doesn’t mean you have to explore just the airport on your stopover. There’s so much going on outside of the hustle and bustle of the international airport that passing time exploring the city is an absolute must.