If you’re looking at booking your first flight to San Francisco then great, you’re going to have the best trip! You’re probably already so excited on what, but we’ve got our recommendations of what to visit in San Francisco for first timers so that you don’t miss anything! Trust me, there’s a lot to see so good luck fitting it in on your trip.

Golden Gate Bridge

You should probably take a walk across the Golden Gate Bridge… it’s only the most famous bridge in the world? San Francisco is known for the Golden Gate Bridge and it definitely needs to be on your list of what to visit in San Francisco. The bridge never fails to impress and makes a great walk being 1.7 mile long with plenty of opportunity to take excellent photos of the city and, of course, the most photographed bridge in the world.


Maybe not a happy landmark, but definitely something you have to see in Francisco is Alcatraz. It was America’s most notorious prison and no prisoner escaped (alive). It’s an interesting insight to see how the prisoners lived and there is a tour where you will be told many interesting facts. You’ll definitely enjoy freedom when you get out of there.

Ride a cable car

Riding a cable car in San Francisco is like taking a trip in a New York taxi, or taking the tube in London, it’s just one of those things that you have to do when you go sightseeing in San Francisco. It’s a great way of getting around and they’ve been running since 1873 so they count as a bit of history in San Francisco.

Union Square

One of the best things to do in San Francisco for shopaholics is to visit Union Square; there are department stores lining the streets and The Westfield San Francisco Shopping Centre which is any shopaholics dream can be found nearby. With so many shops to discover there are also many bargains too, you’ll never want to leave!

North Beach

North Beach isn’t actually beach; it is a beautiful Italian quarter that everyone should go to on their visit to San Francisco. It’s a romantic area filled with cafes, restaurants and shops with a hint of vintage! It definitely shows the early days of San Francisco and is a hidden-gem within the amazing city. The food at North Beach is also some of the best in the city and you can’t miss out on that.

Civic Center

One of the best things to do in San Francisco is to go and watch a performance at the Civic Centre. From ballets, to opera and Broadway, there is always something exciting to watch here with many performances being award-winning. The elegant Civic Centre has some amazing architecture too and you’ll feel like royalty as soon as you step through the doors. Click here for the event schedule.

So there you have it, if it’s your first time to San Francisco there’s some things that should definitely be on your itinerary. The city really is jammed-packed with things to see and do, click here for more things to experience on your trip. Where to first?