When booking a flight (especially long-haul) you might consider upgrading your seat to something a little comfier. Some airlines offer premium economy, but what is the difference between economy and premium economy? Price point is always one, check out our flight deals and you might be able to bag yourself a premium economy seat for a small difference. So what is premium economy?

What is premium economy?

Premium Economy is the class in between economy and business class. Whilst the seats are very different from business class, there a few perks to booking premium economy.  This class offers some of the comfort you can expect from a business class cabin, but for a reasonable price. There are many airlines who offer premium economy seats although may not be called the same thing. For example, British Airways premium economy is also called World Traveller Plus.

Essentially, a premium economy seat is a more luxurious journey for a less luxurious price.

What do you get for premium economy?

What is offered with a premium economy seat varies within airlines. Overall you get:

  • 1-2 extra inches of seat width
  • 2-3 extra inches of seat recline
  • Adjust headrests and leg-rests (this is often available in economy but not guaranteed)
  • Larger personal TV Screens
  • Laptop power ports
  • Premium food service

Whilst premium economy is not as luxurious as business class, it is a cheaper alternative to upgrade to premium economy.

premium economy check in

What are the benefits of upgrading?

One of the benefits for upgrading to premium economy seats are more comfortable than an economy seat, which Is what many look for especially when flying long-haul. Comfort, better meal options and often bigger luggage allowance for a fraction of the price of a business class seat are a few reasons as to why premium economy seats are popular.

Should I upgrade?

Before deciding to upgrade, we recommend looking at which airline you are flying with, consider your chances of getting a flight upgrade are and looking at which specific airline has the best premium economy. Virgin Atlantic won an award for the best Premium Economy service and travellers can gain many benefits from flying premium economy with Virgin Atlantic. These include:

  • Pre-flight drinks
  • Meals served in chinaware
  • Dedicated check-in
  • Cabin-exclusive crew
  • Priority baggage reclaim and many more

When looking at what the difference is between premium economy and economy, the differences are obvious especially with Virgin Atlantic.

Is premium economy a must?

Whilst premium economy seats aren’t a must for any travellers, it is still a popular choice with many. Premium economy definitely has its benefits in comparison to economy, however it is completely down to you and whether you think these added extras are worth the cost. Those few extra inches might completely change your flight experience whether you’re flying short-haul or long-haul!

The amount of airlines with premium economy is growing, and with many travellers, business men and holiday-makers investing in a more luxurious product it is definitely a new popular way to travel. With added comfort and added luxury to your flight, the whole experience of flying could be completely changed.