Our #TUkindness competition has now closed and we are very pleased to be able to announce our winners. We’ve loved seeing all of your acts of kindness as much as we hope you’ve loved doing them! Let’s go through some of our lucky winners and share their act of kindness.

Some of our lucky winners

First up, we will start with @mrsangelapagan on Twitter who very kindly knits “Twiddlemuffs” to give to people at local care homes with Alzheimer’s and dementia. She explains that the mitts give them something to do with their restless hands as well as keeping them warm and cosy.

Next, we are sharing @nickygibbo17’s random act of kindness. She made a huge cupcake for MacMillan Cancer Support – amazing!

We had to share @adalef8 doing some litter picking, awesome job and very kind!

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All litter picking including the kiddies #tukindness #litterpicking #bekind

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Big thanks to @deborahhardwick who kindly decided to share her lunch with a cute little squirrel, we hope the squirrel and you enjoyed!

Here at TravelUp, we love trying to keep our planet free from plastic too! Thanks so much for this act of kindness @Mikute777, fantastic job! We hope you enjoy your prize. Make sure you check out, Row for the Ocean, a group of four fantastic women who rowed across the Atlantic Ocean in a bid to raise awareness of the ocean plastics crisis, you can read all about their journey, here.

Thanks to @anna_loulou1982 on Twitter, who is helping out our furry friends in need. We are sure the dogs really appreciated the treat boxes! We hope you enjoy your well-deserved prize.

@cathrobsx on Instagram had an amazing act of kindness to show us, she raised £1030 for the British Forces after she completed her skydive out of a plane – we honour your bravery!

We really loved reading @SurrealSerene_’s act of kindness. She ran a project where she raised money for Palestine orphans. This one really made us smile. We hope you enjoy your prize!

Finally, huge thanks for @Tayen_Lee who rescued this lost bear from the side of a busy road. She even tried to reunite the bear with its human, we hope they are reunited soon!

Although the competition is now over, these examples prove that a small act can go a long way. We hope you carry on with your random acts of kindness and would still love to see them if you want to show us, just use #TUkindness on Twitter!