Ever rushed through a flight booking, clicked send and suddenly realised you had made a mistake? Nobody likes those heart-dropping moments. Or maybe, you’re just curious as to what the most common mistakes are that people make when they book their flight. TravelUp have provided the top common mistakes that you should avoid… get ready to book your flight and make sure you remember to NOT do these.

Checking one airline

The beauty of TravelUp is that we compare lots of different airlines so you can see which airline is the cheapest. A lot of people will stay loyal to one airline and could be paying hundreds more for a flight, when they could be saving enough money to book ANOTHER flight! Just make sure you do compare prices of airlines, it’s the best way to ensure you find flights for your budget.

Impulse Buying

If you find a bargain, what will be stopping you from buying it immediately? Hold off, you might panic that the flight seat will go up in price but you must ensure you check all your options first.

Be flexible with where

Many destinations, like New York, have multiple airports in the city that offer different flight prices. For example, flights to Newark airport may be cheaper for your dates than JFK so remember to check the different airports before buying the first flight you find.

Be flexible with dates

You could save hundreds of pounds just by booking your flight the next day, so try and be flexible with your dates as much as possible. It’s definitely the best way to grab yourself a bargain and also one of the most common flight mistakes.

booking a flight

Not checking details

Guilty to panic buying? You probably punch in your details and click buy without checking your details first… one of the most obvious yet forgotten tips when booking your flight is to double check your details! The airline police won’t arrest you for taking 10 minutes to book your flight and ensuring everything is correct.

Forgetting about taxes and fees

What’s that? A flight to Hong Kong from just £250? Bargain right? Wrong. One of the most common things to avoid is forgetting about all the taxes and fees that are added on top. It might seem like a bargain, but will actually end up totalling up to more than expected. The best way to see what the entire flight cost would be, is to go to the end screen where you enter your details. You’ll have the total flight price right there in bold numbers!

Booking too early or too late

Majority of the time, you won’t find a decent flight price by booking a flight too early or too late. By booking too early, you’ll be showing how willing you are to pay maximum price for your seat because you’re impulse buying. Booking your last minute flight too late, well, there will be less flight seats and it’s all about supply and demand – if you want that flight seat really bad you won’t have much choice other than to pay an extortionate price for it.

Find a mid-point of when the best time is to book your flights and you’ll be on a winner!

You’re not using TravelUp

Did you really expect a post about booking a flight, and for us to not mention ourselves? Our tight relationships with the airlines means we can get you some of the best deals for destinations all over the world. We compare any airline you can think of, so you don’t need to search through every single airline website when we can do the hard work for you.

Have you made these mistakes before? At least now you know to avoid them! This way you can ensure you’ll get the best flight seat, for the best price – because everyone loves saving money.