January is usually a busy time for consumers as they always find themselves caught up in the January sales with so many bargains out there. People are so over Christmas and it’s a new year, so surely that means a new destination to travel to right? The British Weather in January is not the most appealing and we all dream of some sun so many people book in January with something to look forward to. However it really does depend on a number of things as to whether the January sales are a good time to book for you. Us travel experts have provided you with top tips about booking a holiday in January.

What type of holiday is it?

Is it a long haul or short haul holiday you are after? The best deals for short haul flights and city breaks in Europe are often last minute deals so maybe booking in January won’t be for you. However, long haul destinations can see good offers in the sales and prices often increase nearer the time if you were to leave it last minute.  Of course, if you are after some last minute winter sun, you can often grab yourself a deal in January.

How flexible are you?

Depending on how flexible you are can influence the decision of when to book, and no we don’t mean if you can do the splits. If you have to book time off work way in advanced then booking in January or earlier on is for you and you might even get a nice deal in the January holiday sales.  However if you have the luxury of being able to take time off last minute and jetting off when you like then we recommend booking closer to the time as bargain deals can come up.

What is your situation?

If you are booking a family holiday then it is likely you will have to work around school holiday dates and working hours. In this case, you want to book as soon as possible and will be able to find a good deal in January. This way, you have time to plan your trip and get the kids excited. As well as this, there can often be a lot more choice available in terms of destinations and availability. If you are after a week away and for a bargain, you are most likely better off waiting until a few weeks before as a deal can come up that would suit you perfectly. Flight prices can change every day that you look. If you think you have found a good deal, book it as you may risk the price increasing when you next have a look.

So if you are looking for your next holiday and unsure when to book then take into consideration these tips and see what is best for you. At TravelUp, there are always good deals on holidays so depending on your situation; maybe booking in the January sales isn’t going to be for you. Let us know where you are jetting off to in 2018 over on our Twitter page.