When booking your next route, majority of the time you will consider which airline to fly with and a lot of factors can affect this decision. If your chosen route is London to New York for business, you will want an airline that is punctual and reliable for leaving and arriving on time. Or in-flight service might be equally as important when you are going on holiday. TravelUp have collated tips and advice to help you choose the best airline for your chosen route.

Compare prices

If you’re trying to grab a bargain on your route from London to Australia for example, you’re definitely going to be money conscious. But within a cheap price may come a catch like two layovers, maybe luggage isn’t included or the economy seats are so dire you will want to avoid the airline. Before you book, read up on the airline and explore their economy/business class seats (dependent on which class you’re booking) and what you get included in the price. It might be cheap to start with but that could be a very basic flight ticket.

Airline Reliability Performance

As previously mentioned, a reliable airline could be very beneficial for you especially if you have transfers or a meeting waiting for you at a set time upon your arrival.  We recommend looking at airline reliability to discover what is the best on time airline, especially if you have connecting flight. On a yearly basis, aviation reports are released and you can find an excellent one here. Every airline isn’t included on this however it showcases the most reliable airlines.


When it comes to booking your airline seat, it’s also important to look at the different classes and what each class offers. For example, British Airways offer a premium economy which offers extra leg room and acts as a mid-way point for business class and economy seats. Looking at the extra perks you may get is valuable especially if you are flying on a long-haul flight.


If your route is London to Los Angeles, you’re most likely not going to enjoy being sat with your legs cramped up in economy or with poor amenities in business class. We recommend if you’re flying long-haul to double check the seat adjustments and arrangement on the aircraft which you can find on the airlines website.

Airport Lounges

If you want to enjoy your flight in pure luxury, airport lounges might also come into consideration when deciding the best airline for your route. There are plenty of lists of the best airport lounges in the world, and an incredibly comfortable airport lounge might be enough to sway you to fly with them.

Rating and Awards

If you only want to book the best airline, it’s also worth looking at airline rankings and what awards an airline has won. Some awards include “best business class seat” and “best economy seats”. A good website to gain this information can be found here.

Of course, whatever airline you prefer will come down to personal preference and personal experience. Many frequent-flyers will choose to join airline loyalty schemes if they are loyal to a specific airline so it really is dependent on what you are looking for out of an airline.