Travelling alone can be a daunting thought but actually it can be an eye opening experience. Perks of travelling alone include getting to do what you want, when you want. Being able to enjoy the wonders of the world without having a travel buddy can fill you with excitement. If you are going away for a long period of time solo, meeting travellers can enhance your travel experience and you could even make friends for life. See our top tips on how to meet people when travelling by yourself!

Talk to Strangers

Many others are going to be in the same position as you. It may seem scary talking to strangers in a foreign country but you could end up learning a thing or two from one another. What’s the worst that could happen? No one knows you so what is there to lose? Talk to strangers whether it be locals or other travellers you could find out some of the places to visit whilst away that you may not have already known about. You may even meet someone who is heading to the same place as you who might make you feel more comfortable about travelling alone.

How to Make Conversation

Be a Tourist

Embrace the culture and actually be a tourist! People are usually willing to help tourists out so it could be that you end up meeting people just like yourself. Take part in local group tours as you definitely won’t be alone on them. Get to know people on the tour, find out what they are up to and maybe you could make plans with them.

Open Ended Questions

Starting conversation with someone you’ve never met in your life isn’t easy if you’re shy. You can’t always bring up the weather and hope it’s going to lead into a great conversation because most of the time that’s where it will end.  Asking open ended questions such as ‘what do you do?’ can get conversation flowing enabling you to meet new people.

Offer to Take Pictures

Sometimes a selfie doesn’t quite cut it for a memorable photo with famous landmark, so you need someone to take the picture for you. This is another great way to get conversation flowing without feel awkward. If you are offering to take a picture for someone then they are more than likely going to be a tourist just like you.

Social Networking

People go on holiday to unwind and get away from social media. When you’re a solo traveller social networking can end up being your best friend.  The #hashtags and check in on social media platforms can open you up to a whole new lot of people who are also in the area you are in. Follow people who are also travelling and keep up to date with what’s going on near you. Events are ALWAYS posted on Facebook so find and event and there is bound to be tourists there exploring the same culture that you can meet.

Bars and Cafes

As a solo traveller, you’ll be looking for Wi-Fi all the time so you can keep all your friends in the know as to where you are and what you are doing.  Majority of bars and cafes will offer free Wi-Fi which is a perfect opportunity for you to meet other travellers. If you are nervous about meeting new people, these places are likely to be crowded so can reassure you.

If you find yourself travelling solo for the first time, remember to always put your safety first as no matter where you are, it will never be like home. If you are new to the world of travelling, see our tips for first time travellers! We hope these tips will help you feel more comfortable travelling alone. If you are looking for your next adventure you can search for holiday deals here!