Meeting locals whilst on your travels – whether it’s a city break, a two-week holiday or months of backpacking  can help you get to know the place even better and make the most of your trip. Locals will know the real gems of where you should visit that the internet may not have told you. Getting in touch with and meeting locals has become easier than ever with the help of modern technology, especially if you’re travelling solo. TravelUp have put together the top four tested ways for you to meet locals when travelling.

Go On Tours

Going on tours and excursions is a great way to see more of where you are visiting. Tours by big companies can often be scripted and very structured and don’t always allow you to get the best experience out of your destination. Finding tours that are led by locals is a much better way to immerse yourself into the culture.  Locals will know the ins and outs as well as the hidden treasures in the destination you are visiting better than big tour companies. Whilst on tours, chat to your guide and find out where you can find other friendly locals too.

Shop from Locals

There will always be a moment whilst travelling that you are going to need to buy something. This could be a souvenir, newspaper, bottle of water or even clothing! You will find plenty of locals selling these and it is a good way to meet them. Spark up a conversation and get tips and advice. They will appreciate your custom and the fact you chose them over the nearest branded superstore. You may even save yourself some pennies, too!

Talk to Strangers

For some, this can be quite a daunting experience. However, it’s going to be your best friend if you really want to meet the locals. If you’re lost or need recommendations, then a stranger will likely be willing to help you out. Ask a Stranger on iPhone is a good way to get a quick answer from a local if you are in a place where there aren’t any around.  Even if you have the most random of questions, you will be sure to get an answer on Ask a Stranger.

Eat Local

There is no better way to get close to locals than eating and drinking amongst them and it is also a great way to experience their culture. By dining in local restaurants and cafes, it is more than likely you will be surrounded by the locals. In this case, you can start a conversation and find out more about the area you are visiting as well as eat some authentic foods. For a more one-to-one experience, you can even eat in a local’s home and book an unforgettable dining experience through EatWith.

With these four top tips you will be meeting locals all across the globe on your travels and you will be sure to have your holiday enhanced. Start getting excited about your next holiday and the amazing sites you will be visiting!