Trying to decide what to wear on an overnight flight can be difficult. Of course, trying to be comfortable as possible so you can shut your eyes and doze off is very important to many people but at the same time you want the best airplane travel outfit for maximum comfort. As the cabin lights get turned off and everyone begins to doze off you may regret your choice of clothes, so we’ve got some essentials to wear on an overnight flight to help you sleep! Just in case you don’t have some of these, book your next flight in advance and now you have time to do some extra shopping (which is totally a good thing).

Comfy clothes

Okay may be a stupid first recommendation, but getting some sleep on the flight is essential if you want to land feeling revitalized and awake. I usually opt for some tight fitting jogging bottoms, a vest, and a baggy jacket to go over the top in case I get cold along with some trainers. If you want the best airplane travel outfit and to look fashionable as well as comfy, check out our Pinterest board with lots of ideas.

Minimal Jewellery

I never wear jewellery when I’m travelling only my earrings. If you’re planning on trying to me comfortable and falling asleep, having rings and necklaces on could turn into a bit of a muddle as you try and get comfy. On top of this, because you’ll be asleep they might be easily lost too and losing jewellery on a flight is never fun.


Another great addition to wear for when travelling overnight is a scarf! Whilst it’s very fashionable at the moment, it also doubles up as a blanket when you might get cold. Whilst you might be travelling to a hot destination, the temperature on a plane can get very cold so bringing a scarf would be a great idea to make sure you stay warm. This way you’ll definitely be wearing comfortable airplane clothes.

Avoid Zips

It is often that you might sit down and get caught on a zip, or the zip keeps digging into you as you try and relax and fall asleep. It’s best to avoid zips, especially on jeans as if you’re looking to relax it might restrict you from really relaxing.


Never wear contacts on flights, ever! You’re not meant to fall asleep wearing contact lenses as it can cause an infection, and the chances are you will most likely be falling asleep on the flight. Also, planes can cause your eyes to dry up and that can become incredibly uncomfortable with contact lenses. Play it safe and be sure to wear your glasses instead.

Compression socks

Wearing comfortable clothes for air travel is really important, which is why you should always invest in compressions socks. What these do is apply a gentle pressure to your ankle which helps stimulate blood flow in your legs down. This helps lower your risk of DVT and leg swelling which makes flying more comfortable and therefore help you sleep! Click here for an example.

Freshen Up

When flying on a night flight we encourage you to carry a travel toothbrush and toothpaste and maybe some moisturiser. This way before you land or fall asleep you can freshen up and feel more awake for your landing.

Wearing comfortable clothes for an overnight flight is always really important especially if you want to get some sleep. If you choose carefully about what you wear, you’ll definitely have a more enjoyable flight.