If your life is full of flying and jetting off somewhere new, whether that be for an adventure or for a business trip, you probably have your phone glued to your hand the whole time. Make the most of your device and download some apps for frequent flyers. It’ll make your next flight a whole lot easier and stress-free, so you don’t need to dread the flight anymore! We’ve got some of the best frequent flyer apps that you do not want to miss out on, thank me later.

SeatGuru – FREE

SeatGuru is a fantastic free app that is amazing for frequent flyers. While checking in you can check on SeatGuru where the best possible seats are. For example, the app can tell you whether that seat has power available for laptops which is excellent for business trips and you’re looking to get work done without interruption for the flight. The app is free making it an even better app for frequent flyers, say goodbye to finding out what to expect until you get on board.

TripIt – FREE

One of the best frequent flyer apps has to be TripIt. It is basically a place to store your itinerary where you can upload details of your trip so you won’t need to miss an appointment again. If you purchase the Pro version, you can also get cancellations updates sent to your phone via SMS which is handy for meetings and business trips.


Another fantastic app for frequent flyers is GateGuru which allows you to check what amenities are near your gate in the airport including info desks, cafes and shops and even business lounges. You can quickly find the correct terminal and enjoy the amenities nearby. The app also estimates waiting times at security checkpoints so you can easily plan the walk to the gate so you don’t miss your flight.


There’s nothing more annoying than following a map to get around the airport or a busy city and losing signal on your phone, so you have no idea which direction is the right direction. Maplets has more than 10,000 worldwide maps including airport terminals which you can download and store to your phone. No signal or Wi-Fi needed when using this app! You’ll never be late again.

BlackJet and PrivateFly

For the people who like to live the finer life, BlackJet and PrivateFly is a travel app that allows you to book a private jet in minutes just from your phone. It’s like a more fancier and expensive version of Uber; talk about travelling in style!


OpenTable is a brilliant app for frequent flyers, especially if you’re on a flight with a layover. The airport might not have the biggest range of dining options, however OpenTable lets you book a table in the nearby area, even if you’re just a few minutes away from the restaurant. This helps reduce the waiting time for tables and meaning you can quickly eat and get back to the airport for your next flight. Handy, right?

With so many superb frequent flyer apps, your iPhone will be your new best-friend for all your travelling adventures. Downloading a few of these will definitely help make your travelling less-stressful, and they’re free so you can’t really go wrong! Do you have any other travel apps that you love?