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5 of the best vegetarian / vegan restaurants in New York!

It’s not just meat eaters that can enjoy the finest food in NYC. The Big Apple has a wide selection of restaurants for every dietary need! From veggie to vegan, from gluten free to dairy free… they have it all! So here are some helpful tips for vegetarian travellers – the best vegetarian and vegan […]

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Top Cities for Foodie Enthusiasts!

If your stomachs weren’t rumbling before, they will be now! All over the world, you can find some tasty treats, some that you may not find in your local supermarket. We know that everyone loves food, and if you’re looking to sink your teeth into a juicy food city, we’ve recommended the top ones that […]

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Travel the World without leaving Las Vegas!

We all dream of travelling the world one day but the tedious hours, and in some cases days, of travelling can put us all off. Whether your dream is to see the Eiffel Tower or to take a gondola ride in Venice, you can find it all in Vegas! The city has a vast amount […]

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How to Stay Well Away From Tourist Scams When Travelling

One of a jet setters worst nightmare is to have their holiday ruined by being caught up in a scam whilst away.  Unfortunately, it can be hard to avoid these tourist scams as we can often be caught off guard whilst in a foreign country. We are here to give you top tips on what […]

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7 Great San Francisco Restaurants to Follow on Instagram!

Instagram is one of the biggest social media crazes and gives you access to all the foodie and aesthetically pleasing picture you could ever ask for. Millions of people are using the channel as inspiration, maybe they’re trying to find travel destinations for vegetarians, or many just love to look at all of the delicious […]

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Top 5 imported dishes that the UK loves!

We all love a good meal, but us Brits seem to like foreign food more than the food that has originated here in the UK. From Pizza to Chinese we love it all, but travelling on with a special diet can difficult but when you’re at home you can do what you want. But here […]

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7 Top Tips for Travellers with Special Diet Requirements

Have you ever turned down a trip because of a special dietary requirement? Maybe you’re allergic to gluten, or you’re travelling as a vegetarian. You shall never turn down a trip again with these top tips for travellers with special dietary requirements. Be confident Have faith in yourself that you can and will travel with […]


7 Essential Tips for Vegetarians when Travelling

If you’re a vegetarian, you’re probably very mindful of where to go travelling because nobody likes going hungry when there isn’t anything appetising around. There are few of the best destinations for vegetarians and vegans, however, TravelUp provided some top vegetarian travel tips so if you’re travelling to these destinations or not you’ll always have […]


Toronto – The Upcoming Food Scene!

Philadelphia is famous for the Philly Cheesesteak, Chicago is famous for the deep dish pizza and Vancouver is famous for the Japadog. Toronto is not famous for a specific dish, because their thriving food scene is so varied that you can find famous international cuisine in just one city. The city in Ontario is quickly […]


Top 6 Destinations for Vegetarian or Vegan Travellers

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian you might often find that a lot of countries do not cater for your tastes and that you must go hungry or be stuck with a boring salad instead of something delicious! The world is your oyster and finding vegetarian or vegan holiday destinations can be easy, as long […]