last mintute

How to buy same day departure plane tickets. Is it worth it? Can you save money?

Now there’s being spontaneous and knowing the best time to book a last minute flight, but have you ever woken up and thought “I’m going to go on an adventure today”? The spontaneous plans are always the best ones and sometimes can work in your favour with many cheap same day flight tickets being available. […]

first class seat

What is it really like travelling First Class on a long-haul flight?

“I only fly first class” is something that we all wish we could say, and really mean it. Unfortunately, that’s not the case and for many flying first class may seem like a distant dream. Of course, you can try your luck at getting a flight upgrade or simply save up and book your first […]

prepared for a long haul flight

Top Tips to Prepare for a Long Haul Flight

Long-haul flights can be seen as a drag, especially when you’re sat in economy with minimal leg-room. You might think you’re going to enjoy the flight entertainment system for as long as possible, nap, and then feel bright and breezy… only to realise that the long haul flights deal you’ve had your eye on probably […]

airline luggage

6 Top Tips to Avoid Extra Luggage Airline Fees

Whether you’re taking hand luggage only or making the most of the full luggage limit, it’s always important to avoid those pesky airline fees. Avoiding the excess baggage charges may seem easy… until you go to pack and realise you are way over the limit. We have some top tips for avoiding excess baggage charges […]

the city of amsterdam

7 Short Break Destinations that Kids will Love

Sometimes a weekend getaway with kids is exactly what you and the little ones need. There are many short flight weekend destinations that will be a delight for everyone. Finding a city that will keep the kids excited will definitely seem like a challenge but we’ve got the best short flight weekend destinations that will […]

business traveller

Top 7 Business Travel Tips for First Time Business Travellers You Should Really Consider

So it’s your first time heading off on your own business trip… welcome to the club of being a corporate traveller. Now it’s easy to get excited and treat it like a holiday, and we hate to burst your bubble but your first business trip will be very different to your normal holiday (unless you’re […]

kids looking at planes at an airport

6 Crucial Mistakes to Avoid when Travelling with Kids

Travelling with kids is easier than you think, however, you may think to yourself “I wish I had done that differently” on your return. TravelUp provided some of the crucial mistakes that many make but you should avoid when travelling with kids. As long as you remember these, your next trip away with the little […]


Classic games you can play with your kids on a flight. No mobile, tablet or computer required!

Keeping children happy on any flight can always seem like a difficult and daunting task. Before the laptop/device ban, we would just hand them a tablet or computer with their favourite programmes and games on and they’d be happy for the next few hours. But with the ban in place, we need to find some […]

travelling in a group

7 things you should consider when booking your flights as a large group

When booking group travel, it differs from how you may book individual seat tickets. There are some very important things you must remember when you’re booking flights as part of a large group, and when we say large group we mean 10+. TravelUp have provided a few things you should consider when booking your group […]

booking cheap flights

7 Things You Should Know and Consider When Looking For Cheap Flights!

Trying to find cheap flights anywhere in the world can always be a daunting and difficult process. It’s often the case you just don’t know where to start, or even how to even complete your flight search. TravelUp have got some top tips for finding your perfect flight ticket and exactly how to search for […]