4 ways to discover Macau’s Portuguese influence!

Macau is a region on the south coast of China, sitting less than an hour away from Hong Kong across the Pearl River delta. It was the last remaining European colony in Asia and was only handed back to China in 1999. This colony was run by the Portuguese and, after ruling for 400 years, […]


Best events and festivals in Venice that are worth going to

When you think of Venice, the first things that come to mind are the beautiful canals that wind through the city, gondola rides and incredible food. However, prior to Napoleon invading the city and taking rule of it in 1797, Venice was Europe’s party capital and has since been trying to reclaim their festivities. We’ve […]


6 Great activities you can do at night in Cancun

There’s so much more to a holiday in Cancun than just relaxing on the beautiful beaches inside the confines of your resort. The city comes alive at night and offers some great and exciting activities that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you want to explore the best cultural sites the city has to offer […]


7 Of The Best Bars In New York

You’re in New York, you are finally over 21 (or pretending you still are 21) but where is actually the best bar to go in the city that never sleeps? We have complied a few of our favourite places ranging from themed bars to cocktail heaven for you to choice where you night will take […]


10 Unusual And Fun Things to Do In Valencia

You’ve chose your destination and booked your holiday or maybe you are looking for inspiration of where to explore next? Why not try the city of Valencia? This Spanish city has many quirky adventures to offer and we have listed our 10 favourite unusual and fun things to do in Valencia below.   Visit The […]


6 Of The Best Places To Eat In Brisbane

Australia is full of foodies and always up to date with the latest food trends. Brisbane is full of some of the most amazing bars, cafes and restaurants, all with their own unique selling point. Below is a list of a variety of places to satisfy your appetite for various occasions. 1) For Your Sweet […]


5 of the most romantic places in Cuba for a couple’s getaway

Whether it’s your first holiday away with your partner or you’ve had so many you’ve lost count, a romantic getaway to Cuba is sure to keep the spark alive. With its paradisiacal beaches, classic vintage cars, magical waterfalls and crazy party nights Cuba really does have something for all couples to do with places certain […]

holiday marathon

Love running? Here are our top holiday marathons around the world!

If you are a fan of running and love keeping fit then this is one for you. Why only stick to local marathons? Travel around the world and discover other countries while taking part in all of the sports activities and races that you love! Here are some of the best holiday marathons you should […]

new years eve 2018

Top New Year’s Eve firework displays around the world worth seeing!

Celebrations happen all around the world on New Year’s Eve and there are so many spectacular firework displays in different countries. Big cities across the globe will put on an amazing firework display to bring in the New Year. These events are not to be missed so we have put together the top 7 destinations […]

las vegas_145063693

New Years Eve in Las Vegas – Make it Different!!

Celebrating New Year is always good fun wherever you are, and with Las Vegas being the party capital throughout the year you can only begin to imagine what it’s like on New Year’s Eve. Celebrating New Year’s Eve in party central is just another reason to visit Las Vegas ASAP – we’ve got all the […]