Three Stunning Islands You Can Visit From Cancun

Cancun itself is full on pristine white beaches and turquoise blue seas but if you fancy a trip somewhere a little quieter and less well-known, there are plenty of islands close by that are only a ferry ride away. From complete inhabited islands to those with a few more amenities, the islands surrounding Mexico will […]


Where are the best diving sites in Maldives?

Diving and the Maldives go hand in hand – it’s written in the name! Made up of 26 Atolls (ring-shaped reefs), this is the perfect locations for a variety of dives lending themselves to complete beginners or advanced divers. The Atolls are made up of over 1000 islands though only a few of them are […]


Ibiza for non-partiers! The best places to visit even during high season

Although it’s hailed as the party capital of Europe and arguably the world, a lot of holidaymakers also visit Ibiza to appreciate its natural beauty and get some much needed R&R. If this sounds like you, then carry on reading while we tell you about the very best places to visit in Ibiza!   Cala […]


Best beaches in Barbados that you won’t want to miss!

Barbados is known for its spectacular beaches and glorious sunshine but with so many to choose from which will you pick to spend you days on? To help you choose, here are our favourite beaches in Barbados and what they are best known for.   Bath beach: best for swimming For water as calm as… […]

formentera-beach boat

Formentera’s best beaches

If you have not of heard the island of Formentera before, you will have almost certainly have heard of its neighbour island, Ibiza. While Ibiza has a much bigger and louder reputation, Formentera contains all the beauty and less of the hustle and bustle – perfect for a relaxing beach holiday. Formentera’s beaches come in […]


Fun Facts You May Not Know About Melbourne

Where good Neighbours become good friends With over 7,000 episodes and 32 years’ screen time, it is hard to find someone who hasn’t heard of the TV soap opera Neighbours. The show follows neighbouring families through all sorts of drama and mishaps and though the show itself is based in Ramsay Street, Erinsborough, it is […]


6 Most Beautiful Beaches In Cyprus

When picturing Cyprus, it is easy to let imagination visualise white sands and brilliant blue waters. This dream could easily become a reality at some of the best beaches Cyprus has to offer. With at least 49 official Blue Flag Beaches and many more unofficial, Cyprus has more than your pick of places for a […]


Best things to do in Ibiza with kids

When you think of Ibiza, you may think of partying until sunrise along the strip, but the island has so much more to offer and is actually a wonderful destination to take the kids. Though the place is indeed known for clubbing, that is only one side of the island. There are also 80 different […]


5 of the most romantic places in Cuba for a couple’s getaway

Whether it’s your first holiday away with your partner or you’ve had so many you’ve lost count, a romantic getaway to Cuba is sure to keep the spark alive. With its paradisiacal beaches, classic vintage cars, magical waterfalls and crazy party nights Cuba really does have something for all couples to do with places certain […]

maldives at sunset

Five of the Best Things to do in the Maldives

If you’re yearning for paradise then a holiday to the Maldives is your best bet. Bask in unrivalled luxury, have dinner under-the-sea and sleep over the water, go diving in the crystal-clear sea and embrace some much deserved R&R. World-class resorts One reason people flock to the Maldives every year is because of the incredible […]