We can offer you affordable flights, hundreds of hotels, car hire, travel insurance etc. but one thing we can’t help you with over on our twitter page is translation. Google translate isn’t 100% accurate, actually not even 80% accurate majority of the time so purchasing a translation book might be your next thought. What about the rise of mobile? Don’t take that selfie and take a look at these wonderful foreign language apps instead, it will make your next trip to a foreign language country a whole lot easier.


TripLingo is a voice translator that can offer several different translations of pretty much any phrase and it offers it in a formal, casual and a slang version of the phrase. The best thing about this app is that it gives you much more than a translation and can help you speak with a sophisticated sense of the language. There is a free version however you can only get 20 phrases per language so we recommend paying for the full version. Find more information here.


Another great language app for travel is iTranslate, which is particularly helpful if you struggle with the pronunciation. This particular app lets you slow down the audio playback so you can listen carefully to the pronunciation.  The translations are quick and extremely accurate and you can bookmark certain phrases so you can quickly use them again in the future. The only downside is that it requires an internet connection and only has 27 out of 92 total languages.


Waygo only offers 3 languages (Chinese, Japanese & Korean) currently, however, is one of the most advanced foreign language apps. All you need to do is hold your mobile device up to anything written in those languages, and it will offer you an English translation right on the spot. The free app offers 10 free translations a day, or you can get unlimited from ($6.99). It is one of the fastest of its kind and is excellent for restaurant menus. Check it out here.


Bravolol lets you download more than a dozen language books right to your mobile device, so not only do you clear space in your luggage but you can always be sure that you’ll have help when out and about exploring. Each phrase book app offers free helpful phrases and essentials words like good morning in the language you selected, so you can easily break the language barrier. If you tap the phrase or word, it will give an audio clip so you can also learn the pronunciation immediately.

But only are these travel apps for backpackers, but for every type of traveller visiting a foreign language speaking country. With many of these apps offering free versions too, you won’t have to worry about extra charges. They are all available on iOS and Android, making them perfect for your next retreat.