Whether you’re a business-traveller looking to do some work before your flight, or a traveller or love to indulge themselves before gruelling 7-hours of sitting down, airport lounges are in nearly every major airport. With airlines hosting some of the best around the world, we’ve found what to expect from airlines lounges and where the best airport lounges are in the world! Some of them are definitely worth travelling for.

Cathay Pacific airport lounges

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge in Hong Kong Airport

Cathay Pacific lounge in Hong Kong airport was voted the best first class airport lounge in 2016 by customers thanks to its wonderful facilities and luxurious style. The lounge is flawless and the earthy tones are incredibly welcoming to guests. You can expect to find a horseshoe shaped bar, intimate areas to sit down, private rooms to relax and nap, business centre, beautiful bathrooms and showers, spa services and many more.  Find out more here.

lufthansa lounges


Lufthansa First Class Lounge in Frankfurt

Lufthansa’s first class lounge is an excellent airport business lounge as it offers private cubicles for you to have privacy and get cracking with work. If you’re looking to unwind before your flight, you can also expect to find a bar, comfortable seating, a smoking lounge, impressive dining area, sleeping rooms and much more. It a very impressive and welcoming internal airport lounge. Discover more here.

Emirate Airlines lounges

Emirate Airlines

Emirates First Class Lounge in Dubai

All around the world, Emirates is known as a luxurious airline and their first class lounge in Dubai is no exception. One of the best things about this airport lounge is that Emirates have designed it to be the length of the terminal, meaning that you can board your plane from the lounge. There are so many shops available that at times it feels more like duty free than an airport lounge. Delicious food, comfortable seating and a splendid spa are just some of the greatest features here.

Qatar Airways lounges

Qatar Airways

Qatar Business Class Lounge in Doha

Qatar in Doha was voted the best airport business lounge in the World and is definitely worth travelling for. The lounge is stylish and comfortable whilst offering plenty of spaces for business travellers to getting cracking with work or simply relax before their flight.  A lounge deli is also available with a variety of delicious foods, a restaurant and a business lounge bar. It definitely is a luxurious way to relax before your flight. Read more here.

Virgin Atlantic lounges

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic Business Class Lounge in London Heathrow

If you’re looking at booking flights from London Heathrow with Virgin Atlantic, be sure to look at purchasing business class lounge access. The lounge is huge, and immediately greeted with a bar. Other facilities you can enjoy include a spa, restaurant, showers, salon, cocktail bar and many more. There is plenty of seating and spaces for you work making this lounge perfect for any traveller. Find more about this airport lounge here.

Singapore Airlines lounges

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines Business Class Lounge in Singapore

Singapore Airlines has an impressive lounge within a lounge that has beautiful looking finishes of marble, comfortable seating and as always perfect opportunities for you to put your feet up or work. The level of service is excellent and you can easily find someone to assist you in this airport lounge.

Once you get a taste of these business class lounges, you’ll always want to enjoy them. Many travellers can arrive at these airport lounges hours before their flight, just to enjoy the service and facilities available. Have you ever been in any of these international airport lounges?