There are two rules of flying: the first type is the rules that airlines put in place for your safety, and the second is the un-written rules of how you should behave on an airplane. Flying economy can be tough sometimes, and airplane etiquette rules can help make it a bit more bearable for yourself and other passengers. TravelUp have made these un-written rules into a guide so you know exactly how to behave on an airplane.

How to Get Around a Sleeping Neighbour

Being sat next to someone who is sleeping is all great, until you need to go to the toilet. Do you sit and hold it or awkwardly try and clamber over them? It’s not wise to try and get past them, because if you hit turbulence you could end up in a pretty awkward situation. Simply gently tap them on the shoulder and politely ask to scoot past – travellers prefer this than you falling into them.

Don’t hog the overhead bin

Everyone is entitled to space in the overhead bin and if you place your bag across the whole of the overhead bin, you probably won’t be a favourable person on the flight. Try and take up as little space as possible to let others place their bags in there. If you have two bags, place the smaller bag underneath the seat in front.

Recline your seat carefully

Imagine being sat in your seat, engrossed in a film and then suddenly have the screen jolt towards you and then remain about 3 inches from your face. Yeah, not fun. When you recline your seat, make sure to do it carefully because nobody wants to experience this.

plane etiquette

Control Your Children

Controlling children can be a difficult challenge because we all know they can be free-spirits. Keeping children happy onboard a flight will ensure they do not bother other passengers, and you’ll worry a lot less about what others are thinking.

Don’t have kids? There are also plenty of tips on how to cope with other people’s children on a flight too.

Don’t Get Drunk

There’s nothing wrong with having a few drinks, but getting drunk and being rowdy is no way to behave on an airplane. You’ll smell of booze, need to use the toilet every 20 seconds and you could say or do something that others may not appreciate. One passenger on Icelandic Air got so drunk that they had to tape him to his seat.

Don’t hog the arm-rest

If you’re in the middle seat, you will find yourself confused as to whether you get to have both arm-rests. The answer is no, you can’t claim them both. Try and claim one when you sit down and you can use that for the duration of the flight.  Be sure to check out the up-coming travel invention that splits one arm-rest into an arm-rest that two can use to make your future travels easier. Find more information about Soarigami here.

Don’t be overly chatty

Many passengers will want to watch films and rest so don’t chat away for the whole flight and give those travellers some peace and quiet. We’re not saying one of the flight rules is to be silent, but be considerable for other flyers that probably don’t want to listen to you debate “do penguins really have knees?”

After learning these unwritten flight rules, all that is next to do is get your flights here to try these rules out!