Flying, what a crazy invention when you think about it, right? We’ve got some cool airplane facts that you probably didn’t know about flying. These fun facts might even convince you to buy more airline tickets.

Food Tastes Different

Have you ever bought a snack from duty-free and wondered why it tastes different in the air? Or why plane food isn’t the most pleasant food to eat? Because the atmosphere changes, it dehydrates your nose, mouth and also your tastes buds which is why some foods can seem to taste very bland.

Pilots don’t eat the same meals

So imagine you have 2 pilots, and one chooses the chicken meal the 2nd pilot then can’t eat the same meal. The logic behind this is simple: if the food is poisoning, they want to keep one pilot from being non-poisoned. Now we’re not saying the plane food is poisonous, more of a safety hazard for the airlines (whatever makes them feel better).

You can take your house with you?

Swiftly moving on from food, there is a plane that can actually transport a 4-floor house. “Mriya” is the biggest plane in the world and it is a cargo aircraft;  while it hasn’t actually flown a house, it can hold on onboard up to 250 tonnes which is a similar weight to a 4-floor house and 52 adult elephants.

Your chances of dying

Looking for some fear of flying tips? We’ve got a nice fact that might put things into perspective for you. You have a 1 in 11 million chance to die in a plane crash. According to the National Geographical website, you have more chances of dying from a shark attack. The chances are so so slim, and no, you’re not that unlucky.


If you really hate turbulence here’s an interesting airplane fact to calm you. There hasn’t been one recorded accident due to turbulence… you won’t die from turbulence, just ensure you have your seat belt on throughout the flight when you’re stood up. However, the chances of being severely injured from turbulence are also slim.

Your brain is messing with you

Do you ever feel like the plane is going up and down, almost like a dipping sensation? That’s not actually happening, it’s the plane either accelerating or slowing down. Inside your ears are 3 tiny hairs which measure acceleration which then makes you feel like you’re dipping but its just your mind playing tricks on you.

No seat no. 13?

Some airlines do not have a seat number 13 as many passengers could see this as superstitious. Reno Air was the first airline to not include a seat number 13 and since then, AirFrance, Lufthansa, and Alaska Airlines have also left out seat number 13 from their fleet.

Baby pigs for comfort

Some passengers are allowed a small pig onto a flight in their seat if they can prove they are using it for comfort. You can also use small monkeys and miniature horses for the same reason! We are not too sure how you can prove it’s for comfort, but we’re all for this idea.

There are plenty more stories about flying, check out some cabin crew stories here! Write some of these down and you could even tell people on your future flights about these fun facts about flying (or leave them that’s okay too).