We all love something for free, free pens, free notepad the odd free business upgrade too. You always hear the stories about how some people were just on their regular flight to LA and got offered a free upgrade and you wonder, how can they do it? There are some ways of increasing your chances of getting a flight upgrade HOWEVER it is not guaranteed. The only way you’ll guarantee a business class seat is by buying one, but we’ve got some ways to help increase your chances of getting an airline upgrade so book your cheap flight today and get ready to try your luck.

Be Loyal to your Airline

Signing up for airline loyalty programmes helps a lot. The chances of being offered a flight upgrade all the time are very low, but you can still collect points which can then transfer into free upgrades. Saying this, don’t waste your time by using your points to upgrade on a short-haul flight, it’ll benefit you more to upgrade on a long-haul flight.

Bumped Off

On a lot of busy flights, the economy seats can be oversold and the airline staff often look for people who can wait until the next flight but with a perk, like a flight upgrade. If you’re not in any rush, mention it to the check-in staff that you can be bumped off and wait for the next flight if need be and chances are they will offer you a free upgrade.

Special Event? Tell them!

If you’re celebrating an anniversary or honeymoon or anything exciting, let the check in staff know in a friendly manner, they may offer you a flight upgrade to business class. If not, it has been mentioned before that they will return with a glass of champagne instead if they are unable to move you.

Dress smartly

If you’re dressed smartly you will look the part for business class, and many airline staff offer smartly dressed people who look friendly a free upgrade. As long as you remember to be polite and thankful towards them, they will be more likely to offer a free upgrade.

Just ask

Now we’re not saying that you should just blurt “can I have a free upgrade because my hamster died” because that won’t work. If you’re tall, pregnant or as previously mentioned, celebrating an event just ask them – the worst thing they can say is no; no losses so it’s worth a try.

Is your seat wrong?

If your reclining seat doesn’t work or you TV doesn’t work, be sure to let the airline staff know and they may move you either to another seat or upgrade you to business class if the rest of the economy seats are full. The more willing and understanding you are, the more chances you are going to get offered a free upgrade.


At the airport they often offer the chance to upgrade for £200 or lower, this may seem a lot at the time but think about the difference of your economy seat and the business class seat when you booked, most likely £1,000 more so this is a bargain. You can pay less money and still enjoy a business class seat, not necessarily a free upgraded flight however you still get to enjoy business class.

So there you have it, a few tips to help you bag that upgraded flight seat. If you’re looking for more tips on how to get an upgraded seat, click here. Although these tips will increase your chances, it’s never guaranteed unless you book a business class seat. Just remember to be friendly, smile and never demand – the airline staff are just doing their job.