We are all, deep down, bargain hunters. Nobody likes paying an extortionate amount for a flight, especially when you know that it was probably cheaper at some point. Along with our insider tips for finding affordable flights you can book your cheap flight here and be sure that you got the best price for your next trip.

Search as early as possible

Flights are usually released 11 months in advance, so if you know roughly what month you wish to travel we recommend searching around as early as possible. Flight prices are always fluctuating so it’s best to check back one a week to see what the prices have changed to. Once you find a flight price that you are comfortable with paying, book it immediately. There are late deals available but these don’t always guarantee a cheaper price than before so take advantage of the early cheap flight.

Day of the week can impact price

Whilst we can’t give you an exact answer of when to book your flights, we can tell you that the day of the week can impact your flight fare. It is often the case that Friday’s and Saturday’s are the most expensive days to fly and the cheapest days for international flights usually are Tuesday’s and returning on a Wednesday. Of course this isn’t the case all the time, but this is a good tip for getting a cheap flight.

Be flexible with your dates

We always say it, but if you’re flexible with your dates you have more chance of finding the best flight deal for you. It could cost you £100 more to fly one day compared to the day after so remember that when you’re looking at flights.

Fly at unpopular hours

Again the time your flight departs will help keep the costs down. Try and select a flight really early morning or very late at night and you will notice that the flight prices decrease dramatically.

Check alternative airports

In many cities, there are multiple airports so let’s take New York for example. When looking at which is the best airport to fly into when visiting New York, you should look at the difference in price between each airport. It might be cheaper to fly into Newark than it is into John F. Kennedy.

Be flexible with destinations

If you’re not overly fussed of where you wish to travel, this is excellent. You can fly to the cheapest destination on a specific date and this will help keep your flight price down and you could potentially end up exploring somewhere fascinating that you might not have thought about visiting before.

Go Indirect

Whilst indirect flights can be a pain, if you have a long layover in between flights it can save up to hundreds of pounds. If you don’t want to be stuck in an airport all day long, that’s okay. If it’s a long enough lay-over, you can get out and explore the city whilst you wait. If you choose to do this, remember to check if you need a VISA to leave the airport.

As long as you remember these insider tips for getting a cheap flight, you will be on the path to bagging flights for an excellent price. Just remember to be realistic with price; as much as we dream, you won’t be able to fly to Barbados for £55.