We all have those few products that you have to fly with but it can be difficult to actually separate from what we want to what we need. So we have your essentials long haul flights beauty tips of what you need to bring and when to use them!

Facial wipes

The first thing you should do when you get on the flight is take off your makeup as it can get hot and humid on the flights so you will only make your skin oily which you don’t want. So, you can bring your normal face wipes or we recommend Simple as it is affordable and voted the no.1 UK Cleaners Brand.

rosewater padsRosewater pads

After clearing all the makeup from your face, as the wipes tend to make your skin oily and create spots,you need to clean your face with rosewater pads (we recommend in transit no traces) to get rid of all the chemicals that are in the face wipes to make your skin soft and smooth.

Sheet Mask

When you have cleaned your face you can then settle down to put on your face mask as it is a very rare occasion that you have enough spare time to thoroughly clean your face with masks, creams and oils. The Pink French Clay Purifying Liftaway Mud Face Sheet Mask is the best to use as it is affordable and is really good for blemishes, blackheads and blocked pores without drying out the skin. This will stay on for 20 minutes, so pick a film sit back and relax!

eye maskEye Masks

Then after the 20 minutes are up you can take off the masks and as the face masks do not cover your eyes it is best to get individual eye masks, we recommend the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Eye Mark as it works like a charm but isn’t too expensive! It is recommended to stay on for 10 minutes so sit back close your eyes and let the mask do the work.

Facial Cream

Once all of this has been done you need to put some face cream on as some of these products can dry your face as it is reducing the oil that is on your face to reduce spots or blocked pores. Therefore you need a hydrating face cream the one we would suggest Garnier Skin Naturals Soft Hydrating Cream as it is for dry but sensitive skin so will be suitable for most people.

lip balmLip Balm

Finally, during this whole flight there has been no products directly treating your lips therefore you have to apply some lip balm to them as in everyday situations your lips become dry but on the plane it is worse. The most affordable but best lip balm in our eyes is Burt’s Bees Lip Balm.

These are the top 5 products needed for an in flight beauty routine. So, grab these products book your flights to that dream destination and cleanse your skin on the way there for a glowing radiant look when you arrive!