The battle of keeping the kids entertained on a flight, it happens pretty much every flight and it can be a parent’s nightmare of dream. If you’re looking at booking your next flight but nervous about the thought of flying with the kids don’t worry. There are plenty of ways to keep them entertained, including apps. Technology is quickly becoming a child’s best friend, and we’ve got the best apps for kids on airplanes to keep them entertained.

LumiKids Park by Lumosity

One of the best apps for young kids is LumiKids Park by Lumosity. Before being able to play this app, you must enter the child’s gender and date of birth and then they can get into the app. There are three mini-games within the app to play and each game focuses on a different cognitive skill including attention and memory. There are also games which allow multiple fingers at once so you can play with the child to help keep them entertained. This app is both entertaining and teaches children valuables skills and with multiple games in one app, it is a great free travel app for kids. Click here for more information.

Disney Storytime

There are many free apps for kids and Disney Storytime is definitely one of the best. Your children can join in with some of the most famous Disney stories including The Lion King to Frozen. They can read, listen and/or record their own narration. You have to buy virtual credits which children can then spend on stories, so be sure to do this before you’re on the flight.kid getting entertained on a flight


With computer games being huge nowadays, many kids are joining in on the thrill. Now we’re not talking about where to travel for Pokemon fans (because we know you’re out there) but instead a square game involving creepers.

So kids are all about those computer games, so why not download Minecraft – the pocket edition? Millions of children are playing Minecraft nowadays and it is an adventure game where anything is possible. With no set missions, you could set your child small tasks, like build a house! The possibilities are endless and costing less than £5, we seriously recommend it.

Bogga Vacation

If you’re off on a beach holiday with the little one, this is one of the best apps for kids on an airplane to get them excited. It is a pre-school friendly beach game which involves packing suitcases, enjoying drinks, building sandcastles and flying! It’s a chronological game so they can follow each step and express creativity at the same time. It’s very easy to play and we know it’ll keep them entertained while you get a few hours of sleep. Check it out on iOS here and android here.

Kiko’s Thinking Time

We recommend this app one for kids of 5 years and younger. This is one of the top apps for kids to help them practice their memory, focus and reasoning skills. Throughout the game, they will be taught to match up colours and pay attention to differences throughout. The mini-games are intended to help improve their skills and entertain them at the same time. Check it out here.

Sprinkle Junior

Sprinkle Junior is another great app for children while on an airplane! We recommend this app for young children as the story isn’t too confusing, and all 30 levels are unlocked from the beginning without a time limit. The game is essentially the children spraying water to put out the fire that has happened on the scene.

With so many apps for children available, it is very hard to decide which ones are the best – download a few before departure and let your kids have a go. They will be able to tell you which ones they prefer so you know what will keep them entertained. The more entertainment, the quieter the child throughout the flight – smiles all around!