You’ve booked your holiday? Time to celebrate. Tell the kids, tell the neighbours, tell the dog… your beach or city break is now all finalised and in a certain amount of days you’ll be jetting off to paradise. Here’s how to get the kids and yourself excited for your upcoming trip (if you need help with that) and before you know it you can be happy that the holiday countdown is finally over.   

packing for a holidayPacking

Packing for your holiday always gets you excited as you start planning what you are going to wear where, different outfits for lunch, day time adventures and evenings. Also with packing you are thinking of things like what you need for the plane, what you need for the transportation from the airport to hotel and then finally what you need for the hotel and days out of the hotel. Whether that is devices for the journey, swimming costumes for the hotel and back packs for the days you think of it all. Find some useful packing tips here.

Be creative on how you tell everyone

We have all seen those videos on Facebook with the holiday countdowns and how people tell their kids they are going to Disney World or that one destination they have been dreaming of forever. So get some inspiration and ideas on how you will tell your family especially the kids. You could make a playlist relevant to the destination you are going to, then play that out loud when all the family are together, then when they are why you can telling them you are getting in the holiday spirit and see if they catch on.

holiday dreamingReminisce about the past trip

Looking back on old pictures and videos always helps to get you excited for holiday as you remember how much fun you had last time, what you did and how excited you were last time. Whether you are going to the same destination or somewhere new, you can think about activities they have in common and what new things they have to do.


Looking into the country, seeing what is around the hotel, what is in walking distance and what you will need to drive to. As once you start planning what you are going to do each day, you instantly feel as if you are already there laying on the beach in the Bahamas or splashing the cash in NYC, Manhattan.

Learn some local phrases

If you are venturing to a country with a different language then having a few phrases in your back pocket will really come in handy. Even little things like “Salve, come va?” which means “Hello, how’s it going?” in Italian or ¿Hablas inglés? Which means “Do you speak English?” in Spanish. Little things like this will help you when you are there but also definitely give you that holiday excitement.

Another way to get everyone excited for the upcoming holiday is a countdown to holiday app. This reminds you every day that you are one step closer to being on that plane and landing in paradise!

These are only a few tips to get you excited for your holiday, but everyone is different so do whatever you need to do to get you in the holiday zone. So book your next holiday today and start getting excited now!