Knowing the correct airplane etiquette rules can be hard so knowing the proper eating etiquette while in a different country can be impossible sometimes. Do you use chopsticks, fingers, cutlery? Do you eat all the food or leave some? Do you have all 3 courses? These are all questions that we ask ourselves. Here are all the answers you need!


Many people assume that you have to use chopsticks when in fact their eating utensils include a spoon and fork, chopsticks, or your hands, depending on the meal of course. So with rice and noodle dishes it is acceptable to use a fork and a spoon. The food is pushed onto the spoon using the fork, so that you can get all the sauce and flavour of the dish. Alternatively if you wanted to try using chopsticks for the noodles you are more than welcome to ask for them.

japenese foodJapan

In the UK when using cutlery to eat we tend to keep the cutlery in our hands, but in Japan this is not the case. You should put your chopsticks down between bite and NEVER put them upright in the rice as this is a tradition that happens during a funeral. So you are expected to use chopsticks but if you absolutely can’t use them, then you can ask for a spoon… not a fork.


Mexican table manner… where do we start. Never eat your tacos with a knife and fork; they think that it looks stupid and snobby, so if you are worried about spilling food over you don’t eat them. They also place bread on the rim of the main plate and pass all dishes to the left; if you are in a restaurant a 10% tip is usually sufficient. But at a dinner party, do not start eating until the host says “Buen provecho!”.

italian coffeeItaly

Italians don’t drink cappuccinos after noon. They will only have it before noon and have it with a croissant for breakfast. But it is seen to upset your stomach and will ruin the evening meal so its either a cappuccino or dinner for the Italians. So if you want to act like a local when in Italy just make sure to order any but a cappuccino after noon.


Don’t eat anything with your fingers, manners here are a little more formal than many other South American countries. So as easy as it is to just eat those fries or burger with your fingers. Don’t! Pick up the knife and fork and dig in and for people with travelling with special dietary requirements don’t fail to mention it as whether you are in Chile or on the plane people will always advice you on what’s safe to eat.

So the next time you go to any of these countries we hope that these little tips will help you out, in any situation. Restaurant, dinner party wherever you are. So why not book now and fly to one of these destinations and act like a local when eating.