elephant at safari park

Safari Parks near Cape Town that are worth visiting

One of the top things to visit in Cape Town is the wildlife, and there is plenty of different species living both in captivity and in the wild in South Africa. Planning flights to Cape Town is the easy part, and then deciding which safari park to visit to see the wild animals is the […]

Palm Trees in Los Angeles

Top Fun Things to do in Los Angeles with kids!

The sprawling Southern Californian city is home to many exciting things for the kids at heart and the little ones. Booking your family flight to Los Angeles certainly will be the best way to have an unforgettable holiday and introduce them to one of the most relaxing and incredible cities in the USA. Kids and […]


Classic games you can play with your kids on a flight. No mobile, tablet or computer required!

Keeping children happy on any flight can always seem like a difficult and daunting task. Before the laptop/device ban, we would just hand them a tablet or computer with their favourite programmes and games on and they’d be happy for the next few hours. But with the ban in place, we need to find some […]

travelling in a group

7 things you should consider when booking your flights as a large group

When booking group travel, it differs from how you may book individual seat tickets. There are some very important things you must remember when you’re booking flights as part of a large group, and when we say large group we mean 10+. TravelUp have provided a few things you should consider when booking your group […]

booking cheap flights

7 Things You Should Know and Consider When Looking For Cheap Flights!

Trying to find cheap flights anywhere in the world can always be a daunting and difficult process. It’s often the case you just don’t know where to start, or even how to even complete your flight search. TravelUp have got some top tips for finding your perfect flight ticket and exactly how to search for […]


The Best Long Haul Destinations to Fly in July

Flying that little further always pays off. The flight may drag (especially in economy), but the destination will surprise you. If you’re looking to jet off long haul next month but struggling where to go, TravelUp have provided the best places to travel in July. Plus, it’s always a good idea to book a spontaneous […]

i need a holiday

The 10 Signs that shout that you really need a Holiday!

Ever sit at work and find your brain drifting to the thought of relaxing on a beach far away, with the glaring down on you and a cocktail in hand? And back to reality. The words “I need a holiday” may come to mind; but if they don’t, here are some more signs that really […]

checking a travel app

5 Best Flight Tracker Apps You Should Download

Most people would agree when you say the worst part of going on holiday is the travelling – crowds, flight delays and trying to remember if you’ve packed your toothbrush are always going to cause stress during what should be your most relaxed two weeks of the year! Luckily, there’s a helping hand emerging on […]

view of bangkok city

8 Reasons Why Bangkok Is One of the Most Visited Cities in the World

Planning on venturing to Bangkok this year but not sure about what to do when you reach this popular destination? Whether you are looking to immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant nightlife or more cultural elements, we have some recommendations for you! Bang Krachao Gardens Also known as the ‘Hanging Gardens of Bangkok’, visitors can […]


6 Places to Visit in Europe to Escape the Crowds this summer

When thinking about going on holiday in the summer, the daunting school holidays also arrive which results in many holiday destinations are swarmed with the crowds and families looking to enjoy their annual trip away. Despite this, you shouldn’t avoid travelling to Europe for a quiet holiday away this summer. TravelUp have provided the top […]