Four islands in Indonesia to get away from it all!

The definition of paradise is pristine, untouched beaches with white sand and crystal clear sea reflecting the bright blue sky with palm trees swaying in the breeze. If that’s what you are searching for then look no further than Indonesia, where there are a variety of tropical islands that suit everyone’s taste.   Belitung Islands […]


The best animal experiences in Mauritius you will never forget

Mauritius is famous for its pristine beaches, deep blue sea and overwater bungalows, but there is so much more that it has to offer. It may not be your first thought when you think of Mauritius, but there are some truly unique animal experiences which are perfect for those who have always longed to get […]


Top things to know about Vietnam before your trip

Vietnam is a stunning country with so much to offer; the locals are friendly and hospitable and there are plenty of breathtaking landscapes for you to discover. The country is a little more untouched than Thailand or Bali and with this comes a truly authentic Asian feel. For instance, don’t be afraid to sample the […]


TravelUp is flying high amongst online travel agents!

TravelUp has been rated as the second best flight booking website amongst dozens of competitors, according to a recent survey conducted by Which? on over 6,000 of its members’ experiences. The comprehensive research undertaken by the impartial review website took into account several factors including ease of use, relevance of search terms, transparency of fees, […]


How to budget for a trip to South America

A trip to South America is a very exciting prospect and is guaranteed to be one of, if not the most, memorable trip of your whole life. To make sure you make the most of it however, it is essential that you plan as much as you can in advance, especially when it comes to […]


How to make the most of a winter holiday in Queenstown

Looking for the ultimate adventure? The beautiful city of Queenstown in New Zealand, known as the adventure capital of the world, is the perfect escape for adrenaline junkies and for travellers to tick off bucket list experiences. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best things to do in Queenstown during […]


Five of the best day trips from Hong Kong

Hong Kong is an amazing country with many exciting things to do, but that doesn’t mean the excitement stops at the city walls. Hong Kong is ideally situated to take some fabulous trips, sometimes to other countries, all in just one day. Whether you are looking for historical sites or mountain hikes, there is a […]


How to plan a trip to Australia on a budget

You’ve landed in Australia, finally! Whether this is the first or last stop of your travels, it’s essential that you make sure you budget well for what you want to do. A lot of backpackers tend to stop in Australia and work for a bit to pay their way to their next destination; this is […]


6 Top Tips for Backpacking in Australia

Want to make the most of your Australia backpacking trip? Wonder no more, we are here to ensure you keep these handy tips in mind! Easy to remember and essential for a successful trip, our advice will surely guarantee your backpacking experience is even easier and unforgettable. Don’t be afraid to talk to people Though […]


East Coast of Australia: All You Need To Know

The East Coast of Australia is generally considered to be the coastline running between Cairns and Melbourne. In the past the East Coast began in Sydney, however as Melbourne gradually became the preferred alternative, it is now the most popular starting or ending point for most East Coast visitors. For those with shorter time available, […]