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Tips to get some sleep on a night flight

Night flights are a pain, whether you’re off on holiday or coming home. Sometimes, there is nothing more you want than to just sit back and sleep, but it’s not always that easy. Sleeping on a plane can be a difficult challenge, especially when you’re not so comfy and not relaxing on a comfy mattress. […]

Free things do in Cape Town

Who says when you go to Cape Town you have to spend loads of money? There are countless free (and very cheap) things to do in Cape Town that spending all of your precious South African Rand just isn’t necessary. With an astonishing amount to choose from, you’ll definitely find free activities in the city […]

Travelling light with kids… can it be done?

Can you travel light with kids? The most asked question by parents looking to go away for the weekend or even week but don’t want to go over the top and have to bring lots of unnecessary clothing. When you come to book your next flight, just tell yourself that you can travel light with […]

San Francisco for first timers: Top 6 things to do

If you’re looking at booking your first flight to San Francisco then great, you’re going to have the best trip! You’re probably already so excited on what, but we’ve got our recommendations of what to visit in San Francisco for first timers so that you don’t miss anything! Trust me, there’s a lot to see […]

Top Miami Beaches – Soak up the Sun!

If Miami is not on your bucket-list of destinations to visit, you really need to put it on there. The city in Florida is distinguished for the countless beaches that are all a wonder to visit.  With plenty to visit, it’ll be a challenge fitting them all into your trip so we’ve got the top […]


Flying Hungover? 6 Tips to make the flight a little bit better…

Imagine you’re in Vegas for your final night and decide to make it the biggest night with plenty of booze and partying, it’s like the night will never end… until it does and then you wake up in your hotel room with THE worst hangover ever. We’ve all been there when we’re frantically searching for […]

Siblings in Airport

How to keep children happy onboard any flight! Tips for your sanity

When asking if any parents have any tips on travelling, the most frequent response I got was “don’t bring them” (cue laughter). That’s all well and good, but when they grow up you might have a bit of explaining to do as to why you’ve travelled the world but they were stuck with their nanny […]

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Why you should visit Salvador for your next trip!

Salvador is an extremely underrated city, if you’ve never been before; you’re certainly in for a treat. It is quickly becoming a popular destination with tourists who are looking to explore Brazil away from Rio de Janeiro. We’ve got some reasons as to why you should definitely take a trip here so we’ve got flights […]

Business Class Seat

7 ways to increase your chances of getting a flight upgrade!

We all love something for free, free pens, free notepad the odd free business upgrade too. You always hear the stories about how some people were just on their regular flight to LA and got offered a free upgrade and you wonder, how can they do it? There are some ways of increasing your chances […]

Shopping in Hong Kong, this is all you need to know!

No matter what destination you go to, shopping will (almost) always be on the agenda. Hong Kong shouldn’t be any different, and for those of you who don’t enjoy shopping just give it a go – Hong Kong might convert you into a shopaholic! It might be rare for you to book a flight to […]