Adrenaline Fuelled Wildlife Adventures in Cape Town

Cape Town is full of adventure. Anyone who wants to have an exciting holiday with lots wildlife activities planned should definitely get flights to Cape Town immediately. There are many activities and things to do where you can get so close to the wildlife that you’ll feel the adrenaline pumping round your body – the […]

Singapore Airport

The best airports in the world you won’t mind spending a little bit more time in

Some people absolutely dread stopover flights or a delayed flight because there is nothing worse than sitting in an airport just waiting. Wait until you hear about the best international airports! There are airports worldwide that have so much more than what you would expect including artwork, yoga classes and grab a beer from a […]

Hand Luggage

Travelling with hand luggage only. How to pack to maximise space!

Sometimes you just can’t be bothered to carry extra luggage than you need, or you’re trying to get your low cost flights as cheap as possible. Packing everything you need into carry-on luggage only IS possible, but it can be difficult especially with all the weight rules and you’re not allowed to bring certain things […]


Places you must visit if you are a Pokemon Go fan!

If you haven’t heard of Pokemon Go we need to know what rock you’ve been hiding under. One of the most popular game apps of 2016 is Pokemon Go and there is no sign of this amazing craze going away. If you’re not sure what it is, it is a location-based game which encourages people […]

Macau Skyline

How to plan the perfect day trip to Macau from Hong Kong

Why would you even want to have a day trip to Macau? Because it is the Las Vegas of Asia! The area has the perfect blend of Portuguese and Chinese influences alongside some magnificent landmarks plus huge casinos and malls so big you could be lost for hours in shopping. If you’re in Hong Kong […]


5 Travel Apps for Travelling Europe

What’s one thing in this century that most people can’t go anywhere without having? Their mobile phone. If you’re out travelling you’re most likely going to be taking a mobile phone with you to keep in contact with family and friends back home, but you can use the device for many more advantages. There are […]


When is best to book your cheap flights

Nobody likes paying extortionate amounts for a flight fare and deciding when to book your cheap flights can be difficult, especially if you’re on the look-out for a bargain. Flight prices change on a daily basis so knowing when the cheapest days to fly are, are difficult to judge however we’ve got some tips on […]

Child at airport

5 tips to cope with other people’s children on a flight

Air travel with kids; it either goes really well or very badly. Having a child kick your chair throughout your flight can make the time drag even more, especially when you’re trying to get some sleep on a night flight. We’ve got some top tips to help you cope with other people’s children on a […]

How to get over jet lag when travelling for business. Tried and tested tips

Travelling for business is both good and bad. You get an all expenses trip away to a new place, however you will most likely be dreading the jet lag and  trying to find ways of getting over it quickly so you can get down to business. There’s nothing more annoying than feeling jetlagged after a […]

Tips to consider when travelling to Bangkok

When you’re visiting a new country there is always that worry of doing something you think is normal, but in another society is considered insulting. For example you have to tip in America however we have the choice in the UK. If you’ve got your flights to Bangkok booked, looking into tourist advice and some […]