Top 5 Things To Visit In Cape Town!

Cape Town is a city with a lot going on, whether it’s exploring the national parks surrounding the city and going on a wildlife adventure in Cape Town, or just walking the streets and enjoying free things to do in Cape Town, there’s something for everyone in this gorgeous South African city! Why delay? Book […]


Delayed flight? What to do at the airport to pass the time!

“We’re really sorry but your flight has been delayed.” That one sentence is one of the last things you want to hear at an airport, and whilst there are some of the best airports in the world that you’ll want to spend time in there are other where you don’t want to. Whether your flight […]


Where are the best value long haul destinations? Right here!

The world is your oyster and with long haul destinations for 2017 becoming increasingly popular, travellers and holiday-makers are flying further to get their fix of a beautiful destination. Whether you’re looking for adventure, relaxation or to immerse yourself in a new culture – long-haul is always the answer. However, you might think that a […]


Great Reasons to Book an Early Morning Flight

If you’re a morning person – great! You can book your early flight and be happy waking up so soon. Not a morning person? Don’t worry; we’ve got some ideas that will help persuade you to book a cheap early morning flight. It’s Cheaper You’ll often find that early morning flight tickets tend to be […]

Phuket Thailand Island

6 Islands in Thailand Really Worth a Visit

We recently featured the beautiful Thailand on our top long haul destinations list for 2017, and we fully expect Thailand island hopping to become of the top things to do in the world! With budget flights to Bangkok being more desired and the hunt for the most tranquil and breathtaking island in Thailand, you’ll want […]


Top 6 Destinations for Vegetarian or Vegan Travellers

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian you might often find that a lot of countries do not cater for your tastes and that you must go hungry or be stuck with a boring salad instead of something delicious! The world is your oyster and finding vegetarian or vegan holiday destinations can be easy, as long […]

airport security_322320830

What type of foods you can bring through airport security?

Everyone knows that airport security can be very strict, and the rules regarding what food you can take through airport security can be confusing to some. Once you’ve booked your flights with TravelUp, we know that the first thing on your mind is what to pack first and if you’re looking at taking food abroad […]

sri lanka_233070595

Our Top Beaches in Sri Lanka

Here at TravelUp we always find ourselves admiring flawless beaches, especially in Sri Lanka. A cheap flight to Sri Lanka should not be turned away when you can see some of the most tropical and sun-kissed beaches for an affordable price. It simply is one of the top things to do in Sri Lanka and […]


5 Long Haul Destinations for a Long Weekend Away!

A long weekend away abroad doesn’t have to be just short-haul when there are so many long haul city breaks. Don’t limit yourself to short-haul when there are so many incredible destinations long-haul that you could explore for a long weekend. We’ve got the top long-haul destinations that you should definitely visit for your next […]

travel insurance_258924692

6 Reasons Why You Should Get Travel Insurance

Too many people decide to not invest in travel insurance, and if you simply can’t afford travel insurance then you can’t afford to travel. It’s not necessary however we can’t recommend getting a travel insurance quote enough. We’ve got few of many different reasons as to why you need travel insurance when travelling internationally; these […]